Ultratress & Ultratress II

Ultratress is the brand name for one of the highest quality lines of hair extensions. Ultratress is unique for developing flexible solutions from some of the highest natural human hair in the world. They require training and certification of all stylists who use their hair additions to be sure their standard of quality isn't compromised at the hands of less-skilled technicians. Our stylists use Ultratress hair extensions to create beautiful custom results.

The Ultratress Hair Extensions Difference

Ultratress is a company that set out on a mission to make a difference, and they've established themselves as an undisputed leader in women's hair restoration. They were among the first innovative hair providers to strive for genuinely natural hair extensions just for women. They didn't stop at great hair. Ultratress raised the bar further by requiring for one-on-one training and certification to be completed by all stylists who wanted to use their extensions. That approach put the company ahead of the pack and made them one of the most trusted names in female hair restoration.

A Meaningful Option

Did you know that most corporate chain hair restoration clinics only offer their own proprietary product lines? That means they can't offer you some of the best hair available because it's privately branded. We're excited to offer you the private, personal service of a small studio, plus amazing Ultratress and Ultratress II hair extension options. We can match your new hair exactly to your natural hair, or we can build in highlights or longer length to amp up your style. Whatever you choose, Ultratress lets us give you luxurious, flowing, 100% natural human hair in less than 2 hours. Best of all, UltraTress products provide you with natural hair care, due to being environmentally safe and never testing on animals. 

This is how we deliver amazing hair.

When you decide to add hair non-invasively, there's no questioning whether you'll get results. With the guarantee of full coverage and body, your attention can shift to more subtle issues. Does your hairline look natural? Can anyone tell you're wearing hair? What kind of maintenance is involved? Does everything make sense for your style? At Images International, your stylist will get to know you, your hair, and the results you're looking for. We build time into our appointments so that our stylists have the time to get your thoughts, find out what's new in your life that might affect your hair, and keep detailed notes on those conversations.

Like all of our solutions, Ultratress hair extensions add life to your look without endangering your existing hair. To find out which solution will get you the best results, just schedule your hair and scalp analysis at Images International. It's free!

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