Topical Thickening & Regrowth Products

Our styling and hair-care products are chosen for the benefit they deliver in supporting our efforts to improve our clients' hair. Topical Thickening and hair growth products for women put control in your hands so that your hair gets what it needs on a daily basis. We can help you choose a blend of formulas that encourages growth, improves the health of your hair, or prevents loss, depending on what's causing your hair to thin. You'll leave our studio knowing exactly what you need to do to get the most from your hair, even at home.

Topical Thickening and Regrowth products build upon the care you receive at Images International by giving you control over your hair loss every day. Since scalp health, hair follicle nutrition, and stimulating new growth are key to preventing hair loss and improving the condition of thinning hair, we offer these at-home hair-care products to maximize your results.

Give your scalp some TLC.

Since it's hidden, your scalp is rarely the focus of conversation. It is, however, where hair growth happens. Reduced blood flow, poor nutrient delivery, and even residue and debris are all conditions of the scalp that can prevent new hair growth. If your hair has started to thin or shed, your first step should be a total hair and scalp analysis. You shouldn't be surprised if your scalp could use some love.

Our Topical Thickening and hair growth treatment for women line has multiple benefits.

  • It gets the scalp ready for preventive treatment.
  • It clears the way for new hair growth.
  • It reinforces your existing hair.
  • It ensures the proper nutrition that hair depends on for growth.

Protect Your Investment

Whether you're working to preserve your natural growing hair, supplementing with extensions, or both, all of your hair could use some protection. Topical Thickening and Regrowth is our go-to cleansing and conditioning line because it nourishes natural hair while being gentle on human hair and synthetic additions. It's like an insurance policy for your own hair and any hair we've added. If you make an investment in restoring your hair, protect it by giving yourself the greatest chance for success.

Expert Guidance

While we're happy to share our products and solutions on our website, it's important to keep in mind that you won't have to make any decisions on your own. Your free hair and scalp analysis will shed light on what's damaging your hair and what's likely to help it. During your private consultation, a specialist will answer your questions, address your concerns, and connect you with the best-personalized options for your hair loss.

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