Wigs and Custom Prostheses

There is a difference between fashion wigs and medical wigs. Any woman facing temporary or permanent full hair loss should consider a wig made by a hair-restoration specialist. As a Recover with Confidence partner, we take special care to create wigs that women feel comfortable wearing. We offer wigs that feature hand-tied hair, soft materials, and secure non-slip material that looks completely natural.

Do you want private, personal guidance as you explore whether a wig might be an option for you? At Images International, you'll get the time and one-on-one consultation to ask all of your questions and make your preferences clear. Whether you have alopecia, trichotillomania, or upcoming chemotherapy treatments, we have the expertise to connect you with a comfortable, stylish, and totally natural looking wig. In fact, two of our three owners are hair wearers who understand the process first-hand.

Completely Custom Natural Looking Wigs

The wig we create for you at Images International will be carefully matched to your hair and created just for you. Our talented specialists have a unique gift for creating and maintaining lifelike custom wigs. We apply the focus and attention it takes to achieve perfectly styled, undetectable results. We only work with the highest quality and most comfortable modern hairpieces for women available today. Our stylists will work with you to create the look you want, and they'll give you the knowledge you need to keep your hair looking great every day. If you ever have a problem or need anything at all, we're here to help.

Privacy and Discretion

Privacy is understandably many women's first concern as they seek information about wigs. Thanks to the Internet, a lot of information is available online, but it's hard to tell which sources are credible. It's also impossible to ask the personal questions that might really impact your decision. At Images, your privacy is our priority. Everything about your interactions with us is confidential. All care, consultation, and styling is done in the privacy of your own individual room. You'll never sit in a waiting room with other clients, and you can use the front or back door as you wish.

Recover with Confidence

We are proud to be a Recover with Confidence partner and to provide a resource for local women facing medical hair loss. We understand how hair loss adds a level of complexity to an already difficult and emotionally charged time. To whatever degree possible, we hope to ease the process and take the weight of worrying about your hair off of your shoulders.

As a Recover with Confidence partner, wigs are an important part of the resource we offer to women facing medical hair loss. One element of connecting women with great options is to give them access to the most comfortable and natural-looking wigs available. Often, Gemtress gives us the answer we're looking for.

Gemtress wigs were designed for women.

Gemtress began by leveraging all the advancements that had been made in men's hair replacement since the start of the industry to create an extraordinary type of wig specifically for women. Today they are one of the most trusted and innovative names in women's hair restoration. At Images International, we apply this exceptionally comfortable hair in the form of wigs and custom prostheses.

This is why we love Gemtress.

  • All products are designed especially for women.
  • Every custom piece is handmade.
  • They provide lightweight, breathable comfort.
  • Human & synthetic replacement hair options are available.
  • It's designed to have the characteristics of growing hair.
  • The materials have fantastic color retention.
  • They're compatible with hair extensions.

You're in great hands!

The Images International team is a passionate group of people who love what they do. Creating custom solutions with product lines like Gemtress is one of the best parts of the job. We're able to restore women's hair in a way that makes them feel better every single day. Some of our most wonderful work is with children and women of color. Most clients never really grasp what's possible until their new hair changes their lives!

Preserve your style options.

If you've ever seen a fashion wig, a Gemtress piece up close will blow away your expectations. Handmade uniquely for advanced hair loss in women, Gemtress wigs and prostheses are completely customizable. They allow us to perfectly match your replacement hair to your natural color, texture, and wave. We can even blend colors to create highlights and lowlights. The hypoallergenic materials are light and breathable. If you have any doubts that you can have great hair after hair loss, we should talk about Gemtress.

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