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As your local partner, we offer both budget options and the highest quality hair in the world! Hair extensions are great for adding style and potential to any woman's hair. Just imagine what they can do in the hands of a specialist trained to use them for coverage, fullness, lift, and body. We've tested hundreds of extensions and chosen the best of the best for those who demand the best hair in the world, as well as for those who need to be budget conscious. We are experts in thin and damaged hair, so the extensions we use are harmless to your natural hair.

Hair extensions have become incredibly popular among celebrities, brides, and the general public for adding everything from length and volume to feathers and glitter. Regular hair salons, however, are usually in the business of creating styles that draw more attention to your hair. They do it successfully but at a high cost, as damage is often caused to your existing hair.

These are not your everyday hair extensions.

At Images International, we don't add extensions for the sake of extensions. While we can create dramatic looks, our clients usually want to draw less attention to their hair. They're women who feel sensitive about the way they look because their hair is thinning. Our highly trained and talented stylists use natural looking hair extensions artfully as a tool for creating body, length, and volume. They apply them in a way that won't make people ask what you've done with your hair. Our natural looking hair extensions can let you stop thinking about your hair and get on with your life.

We have the best tools at our fingertips.

The last thing we want to do is harm your natural, growing hair. We have tested and tried out many prominent brands and hair extension systems to find the few that create the most natural-looking results without causing damage. With our favorite options on hand, we can give you lots of affordable options and easily integrate extensions into your hair restoration plan.

We're invested.

We have invested in our technicians, materials, and techniques so that we are able to offer an incredibly diverse array of extensions to meet anyone's unique individual needs. When professionally applied, high-quality hair extensions can work wonders for your hair and achieve results that are undetectable. Ultratress and other professional extension lines give us flexibility in terms of your style, length, color, texture, and even the price you'll pay. To find if extensions could resolve your hair loss, schedule your free hair and scalp analysis today.

Let us help you envision a new look.

Having thinning hair absolutely does not mean the end of your style options. In fact, many of our hair additions can actually give you more styling ability. Working with a trained stylist at Images International gives you expertly attached hair additions, plus one-on-one advice for how to take care of and manage your new hair.

Accessing new style starts with a hair and scalp analysis. Schedule one!

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