Hair Integration

Hair Integration for woman can be a wonderful option for those with thinning hair or who have patches of loss throughout the scalp. This very natural-looking and personalized option lets us add synthetic or real human hair to your own without using damaging chemicals or adhesives. 

We often pair hair integration with laser hair therapy to add volume and coverage while also improving the health and growth of the existing hair.

More women than men feel strongly about protecting and enhancing their natural, growing hair. At Images International, even when we use hair additions, retaining your existing hair remains our top priority. Hair integration allows us to add the precise amount of extra hair you need for fullness and lift, while keeping all of your hair light, breathable, and comfortable. Best of all, it's one of the most affordable options in the hair-restoration tool belt.

Losing hair? Integrate more!

Hair integration for women keeps becoming more popular because it looks totally natural, creates exciting styles, and feels weightless compared to some other types of hair additions. Our trained hair-integration specialists carefully attach strands or small groups of hair in amongst your own growing hair to fill in gaps and create length, body, and fullness. The added hair bridges the gaps revealed by your thinning hair, no matter what pattern your hair loss has taken.

Preserve your style and options.

Aside from looking very natural, the great thing about hair integration for women is that it maximizes your style options without damaging your natural hair. It even allows us to add highlights and lowlights without chemically processing any of your growing hair. This is especially important if your hair is thinning or starting to shed. Hair integrations can be added in a variety of ways, and we'll choose the attachment option that's most appropriate for the type and pattern of hair loss that you're experiencing.

Find your own answer.

If your thinning hair is exposing your scalp and you're worried that people will notice, hair integration might be perfect for you. The only way to know for sure is to receive a complete hair and scalp analysis. Losing hair is stressful, but you can't imagine the relief of knowing why it's happening and what you can do about it. Call Images International today.

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