Laser Hair Therapy

Hair loss for a great deal of women comes down to a matter of nutrition. Hair follicles need to receive the right nutrients regularly, or they will begin to miniaturize. Laser hair therapy for women combats hair loss by improving blood flow in the scalp, stimulating growth at the cellular level, and reducing the impact of DHT for women with androgenetic alopecia. If you have one of several specific types of hair loss, Laser Therapy can give you painless, noninvasive results and help you retain the hair you have.

Can Laser Hair Therapy for women work for you?

Cool, painless low-level laser hair therapy has been around for some time now. You may have gotten mixed messages about this treatment, and we'd like to clear them up. The truth is, for some women, laser therapy works wonders. For others, it does nothing. The way to find out whether laser therapy will give you results is to get a professional hair and scalp analysis by a hair-restoration specialist. Not your doctor. Not your favorite stylist. The only way to identify the right conditions for successful laser hair therapy is to take a microscopic look at your scalp and the number of actively growing hairs you have. In addition, we have to isolate the reason for your hair loss. With this information, you can make an informed decision about whether you should even be considering laser hair therapy for women.

Laser makes hair grow in more than one way.

The approaches available for fighting hair loss are very simple.

  1. Prevent hair from thinning or falling out.
  2. Create new growth.
  3. Replace lost hair with additions.

For good candidates, laser therapy does two of these three things. It reinforces the hair you have, making it thicker, healthier, and less likely to fall out. By increasing blood flow in the scalp, it ensures that hair follicles get the nutrients they need to keep actively growing. In addition, laser therapy stimulates new growth at the cellular level. It delivers the raw materials needed for building hair, as well as the energy needed to make it happen.

Laser therapy improves conditions in the hair and scalp by:

  • Improving hair follicle nutrition
  • Promoting circulation
  • Clearing debris and residue that gets in the way of growth
  • Preventing DHT from harming hair follicles
  • Extending the active growth cycle of hair
  • Stimulating new growth

We set clear expectations.

At Images International, we take results seriously. We'll be very clear about your hair and scalp analysis and the solutions that will get you the best results. We also include regular follow-up hair and scalp analyses as you complete your treatment, where we document the changes in your hair. You'll know exactly how much new hair you have and how much the thickness of your hair is increased. If you want more, we have dozens of other hair restoration options that we can combine with your laser hair therapy regimen.

It all starts with your hair and scalp analysis. (It's free!)

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