Retail Hair Products

Images International has carefully selected a few incredible hair-care and styling product lines to help our clients get the most from their hair every day. Our retail offerings are chosen with the input of our team, and affordable pricing for you is a deciding factor. Most importantly, our stylists take the time to make sure you know how to leverage the right products to support the work we do in the studio to strengthen, nourish, and preserve your hair.

Thin and damaged hair requires special care. To make sure you have everything you need to maintain your natural hair and hair additions, we've selected several unique product lines that you can use at home. In addition to being produced by conscious companies, these hair growth products for women are specially formulated to be gentle on both natural and synthetic hair, to promote scalp health, and to improve styling. They'll protect the integrity of all of your hair at a reasonable price.

Progen Nutrifuse

A new daily treatment collection that is specifically designed to mend, revive and ultimately reverse hair damage. Proteins and nutrient-rich ingredients such as Keratin, Collagen, Argan Oil, Shea butter and Aloe smooth the appearance of the hair’s cuticle and improve the overall texture and shine of your hair.

Hanz de Fuko

A favorite of celebrities including David Beckham, Calvin Harris, and Hugh Jackman, Hanz de Fuko products are made for the modern man. With a unique collection of styling cremes, waxes, and pomades, this brand makes it easy and fun to create the looks you desire, while also providing haircare through plant based, non-GMO and organic shampoos and conditioners.

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Capilia’s trichology line was developed by a team of doctors and hair loss specialists to help those suffering with scalp diseases and conditions of hair loss. These shampoos, conditioners and emulsions will treat your specific situation (targeting issues such as thinning, oil, dandruff, itching, and other problem areas), while at the same time stimulating blood flow, providing nutrients to the hair follicles, and reawakening hair growth. These products are results-oriented, formulated with 100% active ingredients, and free of sulfates, parabens, and silicone. 

Head First Product Lineup


These cleansing, conditioning, and styling products are formulated specifically to keep hair graft systems soft and to protect your natural hair. These products have a safe pH level for your hair, scalp, and additions. Jorgen's safe ingredients maintain the integrity of all your hair and the bond that keeps it securely in place.


XFusion Keratin Fibers instantly give women thicker, fuller hair. You can keep this little bottle in your purse at all times to ensure your thinning is undetectable even in the stickiest situations. The keratin micro fibers build on your existing hair to fill in what's missing. It's safe and washes out easily, yet is still water resistant and non-color transferable so it'll never discolor your skin or clothes. It's like an insurance policy for your hair!

Hats, Scarves & Head Wraps

In addition to our custom wigs and hair additions for women, we also carry an array of accessories for medical hair loss. These scarves and head wraps are carefully constructed from non-abrasive material so they won't irritate a sensitive scalp. You can try on different styles or get a stylist's guidance in choosing a wrap you'll feel comfortable wearing with or without your hair addition.

Adhesives, Tape & Maintenance Tools

Each hair growth product or solution we offer has unique care and maintenance needs. Some are very low maintenance, while others require some extra attention to keep looking their best. Ease of maintenance is something we'll talk about in your initial consultation. The important thing to know is that we do carry the tapes, adhesives, vented brushes, and other tools required to extend the life and appearance of your new hair.

Neuma Products

Good for your hair and good for the environment, Neuma products of shampoo, conditioner, styling and volumizing products are plant based, vegan formulas that are safe to use on all hair additions and your natural growing hair. Neuma is a brand with integrity. Never tested on animals, Neuma also provides full transparency with a complete ingredient list for all their products. In their manufacturing, paperless practices and wind power help to reduce energy usage as well as recycled HDPE bottles.

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  • I was always taught that a woman's hair was her glory, losing mine was hard to handle. For many years I struggled with hair problems. I went to the doctor and they ran all types of tests but they could not give me an answer for my hair problems. I shed many tears over this. I took vitamins, injections in my scalp, and many suggestions from friends. I wore a wig for years but needed something different. I tried the hair weave but my hair would snap right off. I had seen ads for hair restoration and finally contacted Images International.

    Images International was a big step for me, but it was rewarding. Although I am still very sensitive about my hair loss I feel better about myself. I have tried several different styles which gives me the opportunity to be a little creative. Making the decision has helped me feel confident and with Images’ help I continue to look for ways to improve. My stylists have all been great and very helpful with helping me achieve the look I want.


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