We don’t sell solutions. We find answers.

Non-surgical hair restoration for men and women.

At Images International, our goal is to delight our clients every day with the most flexible and personalized hair restoration studio experience we can possibly offer. Each client’s unique plan is built around his or her existing hair, pattern of hair loss, desires, preferences, and lifestyle.
We don't sell solutions. We find answers.

Our most important values are privacy, compassion, and expertise. Schedule your free consultation today to see how different a private studio can be.


Women's Solutions

Different hair loss conditions require different solutions. Images International offers an array of individual solutions to meet each woman's individual hair loss condition.

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Men's Solutions

Hair loss happens for many different reasons and comes at many different stages of life. Images International offers a plethora of solutions to meet each man's unique hair loss condition.

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Salon Services

Salon Services

Get top-notch color and style from our professional and creative staff. We specialize in hair loss and thinning or damaged hair, helping you build and maintain your best look.

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Your comfort is our top priority, and that includes absolute confidentiality for all of our clients. We’re a family owned business and have been for over two decades. We’ll never make you spend time in a waiting room with other people, and all services – even simple styling – are done in the privacy of your own individual consultation room.

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  • After researching other hair restoration places in the area I visited Images International for their free consultation. The salon is nice and clean, the staff seems friendly and kind. I received a lot of information regarding their services, they were very helpful with offering me solutions specific to my hair loss. I am very satisfied with their services and products so far and it is easier on my budget than the other local places I visited.
    Making appointments has proven to be simple and easy.

    -Patrick H

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Latest News

  • Why Choose a Hair Topper?

    Why Choose a Hair Topper? Women's hair toppers are an excellent solution for anyone looking to add volume, length, or fullness to their hair. Whether you're experiencing hair loss due to genetics, medical treatment, or natural aging, a hair topper can give you the confidence and style you desire. At Images International, we offer a…
  • Pros and Cons of Internet Ordering

    Pros and Cons of Internet Ordering At Images International we receive phone calls frequently asking if we will work with hair systems or hair toppers that clients purchase online. The answer is yes, we absolutely do! There’s a bit to unpack here so let’s dive into the advantages and disadvantages of ordering hair on the internet.

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