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We're delighted to offer pure vegan vitamin supplements to support our other hair restoration options. Our first health-enriching, hair-loss-fighting supplement is Biotin. Deficiencies of this water-soluble B Vitamin can contribute to hair loss, especially during pregnancy, and supplementation makes for healthier skin, hair, and nails.

At Images International, we're very interested in giving our clients as many effective hair restoration options as possible. Often our clients are concerned and carefully monitoring what they put into, on, or near their bodies. Sometimes medical preferences or philosophical differences can rule out options for treating hair loss that might be very effective. In an effort to provide more natural and environmentally conscious alternatives, we decided to add vitamin treatments to our array of potential solutions.

Our first offering is Biotin.

Biotin is a water-soluble B vitamin that improves cell metabolism and strengthens the hair and nails. We have chosen Pure Encapsulation as the sole provider of our Biotin supplements because they are very pure, safe, and free of allergens and animal products. The capsules are formulated from vegetables and contain only biotin and hypoallergenic plant fiber.

A Natural Preventative

Biotin has not been clinically proven to control hair loss. However, its deficiency leads to hair loss and its supplementation improves the health of the hair. It's a harmless, inexpensive way to supplement your hair restoration efforts that has no side effects. In fact, Biotin is great for your body in many ways, has no side effects and very few drug interactions, and is a water-soluble vitamin.

Biotin, Pregnancy & Hair Loss

Any shock to your system can cause hair loss, and it's certainly true of pregnancy. It's common for pregnancy to cause some degree of hair loss related to hormones, nutrition, or even shock. On top of that, many women develop a Biotin deficiency over the course of a pregnancy. Biotin is important in hair growth on a cellular level because the cells need it in order to metabolize nutrients. Biotin deficiency is a key factor in alopecia and has been proven to cause hair loss.

You should never start a supplement regimen without first consulting a medical professional. We recommend that you visit Images International for your free assessment, find out if our hair growth vitamins look like a good option for managing your hair loss, and then follow up with your physician to ensure it's the best choice for you.

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