Hair Loss After Pregnancy

Pregnancy is often a time when you are told you are “glowing”. You may have heard women say their hair became thicker when they were expecting. These changes in your skin and your hair are all due to the abundance of hormones in your body.

A surge in estrogen during pregnancy may make your hair grow quicker and fuller. When the hormone decreases, about three to eight months after giving birth the hair that is in the growing stage can be shocked into the resting stage all at once, this is called telogen effluvian. This is a temporary condition that can be quite worrying. The hair loss occurs throughout the scalp but it may be most noticeable around the front hair line where it may seem as though your hair is receding. Hair loss due to hormone imbalance is usually temporary. Once your body reaches a balance you will start to notice new growth.

Towards the end of pregnancy, the baby is also growing hair and needs amino acids from the mother to do so. This can sometimes deplete the mother’s stores of important protein needed for healthy hair growth and may contribute her hair loss after pregrancy.

If thinning hair is in your genes, a hormone fluctuation such as pregnancy may trigger your hair loss. A preventative program is especially important. Images International offers a unique treatment protocol specifically designed to prevent hair loss during and after pregnancy. You will start with a shampoo and lotion at home to use that is full of milk protein and amino acids. Growth will need to be stimulated to avoid the weakening of your hair and so we will give salon treatments at the five month mark to promote healthy hair growth and supplement the necessary amino acids. Our products are designed to regulate the hair cycle and address the metabolic changes that occur during pregnancy. Our products are drug free and 100% natural making them completely safe to use during pregnancy.

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