New Cure for Hair Loss

There is some news buzzing this week from South Korea.  Scientists feel they are on track to create a cure for hair loss.  This exciting announcement comes from a team at Yonsei University that has found that two specific proteins bind together to prevent follicle regeneration.  Simply put, there is a protein that controls hair growth and they can control the function of that protein with a new substance called PTD-DBM. 

Scientists discovered when hair stops growing it is due to an interaction between two proteins.  When they bind together regeneration of the hair follicle is prevented.  The thought is that if they can prevent the binding of the two proteins, then they can keep the hair follicle regenerating and producing hair. 

The drug is currently being tested on mice.  The substance was applied on mice for twenty-eight days and they found that it grew new hair follicles.  This is a huge advancement since male pattern baldness occurs when men lose their hair follicles.  This often occurs at the hair line, particularly in the temples, then in the crown until it can advance across the entire top of the head. 

Once follicles disappear there has been no way to get them back therefore if someone does not have hair follicles they can’t grow hair.  Bringing back hair follicles would seem to be somewhat miraculous to those who are dealing with balding. 

The study also found when used in conjunction with valproic acid, the results happened even faster.  Valproic acid is a drug commonly used to treat epilepsy and migraines.  We look forward to the updates as they learn more an more about how the drug will work best.

The team of scientists is especially excited because the discovery may lead to even more advancements in the field of stem cell research.  They hope that the drug will not only help with hair loss but that it will also help regenerate damaged skin tissues.

Images International helps men, women and children with hair loss and we see the emotional toll it can take on an individual.  We are always happy to share hopeful and relevant news about the very common problem of hair loss.  There are hair loss solutions available so you can feel confident about your hair once again.  Call us at (248) 540-0900 to schedule a free consultation to learn more about the variety of solutions we offer. 

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