Women's Hair Renewal

Images International has a new program designed to stop hair loss, nourish the scalp and help you grow thick healthy hair. The proportion of women losing their hair is increasing. This may be due to the increased stress women are experiencing whether from employment, raising a family or both. Environmental toxins are also a culprit, many of the newer chemicals we are surrounded with in our foods, businesses, houses and outside air can disrupt hormonal balance.

While most types of female hair loss are hereditary, hormonal changes can trigger them, like adolescence, pregnancy and menopause. Women experience hair loss in the front, temples or it can be diffuse, all over.

If the hair loss occurs after menopause it may be due to excess sebum. The hair loss will be frontal and temporal. The appearance is almost like a receding hairline seen in men which is why it is called “male pattern hair loss due to excess sebum among women”.

Images International will treat your scalp with a luxurious massage, a deep cleansing treatment and a sealing conditioner among other beneficial services to restore the health of your scalp. Our treatments will lift away any dry skin, dandruff or scales. Your hair follicles will be heat treated to be open and unobstructed. Your scalp will be ready to receive important nutrients essential for healthy hair growth.

Joining Images International’s hair renewal program will promote health from within the hair follicle using ingredients such as Jojoba oil for balance, rosemary for purifying and mint and camphor to sooth hyperactive sebaceous glands. Your custom designed hair renewal program will supply you with shampoo and topical lotions full of milk protein and sulfur-rich amino acids to stimulate hair follicles. Soothing calendula, provitamin B5, linden extract, organic sulfur, nettle extract and wild thyme will all play a role in addressing any scalp ailments that contribute to your hair loss.

We have formulations specifically for women to regulate the hair cycle. If you’d like more information or if you’d like a free hair and scalp analysis call us at (248) 540-0900 for an appointment. We will design your hair renewal program free of charge, you just have to let us know when you’re ready for that scalp massage!

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