Male and female pattern baldness are common dermatologic disorders affecting over half of the population. There are many treatments and solutions available to treat hair thinning or hair loss. Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) is one popular treatment and here we address some frequently asked questions.


As you age you may start to notice gray hair. Each hair follicle contains a certain number of pigment cells. These pigment cells produce a continuous amount of melanin which gives the growing hair it’s color. As you get older the pigment cells in your hair shaft gradually die. When there are fewer pigment cells in each hair follicle, the strand of hair will no longer contain enough melanin to produce it’s natural color like brown or black, instead it will grow to be a transparent color like grey, silver or white.


Vitamin D is essential to healthy bones and skin and many Americans, especially those who live in the northern part of the country do not get enough. Winter months, use of sunscreen and diets lacking in the nutrient are all to blame for our diminishing vitamin D levels.


You are young, you have a zest for life and lots of big things ahead of you. Maybe you just finished college or perhaps you are starting a career. You enjoy your social life and you might even be looking for love. There’s this one thing though, that really makes you feel self-conscious. It stares at you in the mirror and makes you withdraw socially. You’re losing your hair.


Thinning hair and hair loss are a natural part of the aging process but for some women experiencing menopause hair loss can be severe and troublesome. Approximately one third of women experience hair loss at some point in their lives and about two thirds of post-menopausal women experience hair thinning or bald spots. Luckily, unlike male pattern baldness, hair loss in woman tends to be much subtler.


As hair loss professionals, people often share pre-conceived ideas of what causes their hairloss. Here's information that will help clarify the 'root' of the matter.


At Images International our goal is to offer you hair loss solutions that restore your confidence in your appearance. Confidence is an energy, a vibe you give off. It’s a feeling of contentment within yourself. Self-confidence comes with having assurance in your own abilities but it is also tied to how you feel about your physical appearance. Confidence is worn like an accessory and it is noticed.


Caring for your hair addition may require different steps during the warm summer months. As with our natural hair, some things to look out for are oilier scalps, fading hair color and thick, hot hairstyles.


As we age our hair ages right along with us. We may notice that over time our hair loses volume, shine and bounce. There are steps you can take to slow this aging process and protect your hair from damage.


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  • I've been a client of Images Internat"l for a little over 15 years and have seen significant growth, especially since the arrival of the new ownership team. The new offices are well done with rich dark hardwood tones giving a very impressive spa like appearance and feel. 'I'm a black client whose found his niche in the professionalism and attention to focused care for each client. I also appreciate the diversity in staff that meshes well with the diverse clientele. I've met the new owner who confided in me that she, herself, is a client (how about that)! I have on-going dialogue with the on-site manager who has lent a willing ear to my concerns and has been equally as compliant in addressing them by introducing the latest techniques and the issues of hair loss problems for both men and women. My hair design system is just fantastic. I am so comfortable with my hair system because it is undetectable, the hair curl fits me and is not a stock version for "black " clients, and because the feedback that I receive when out and about tells me that a great job has been done. From the receptionist's greeting received when entering Images to the care and attention given by the stylists, to the personal interaction with owner/management/staff, Images International is just the right place for me to be.

    -Taswell D

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