Winter Tips for Healthy Hair

The air is getting dryer and that means our hair, skin and scalp are too. Keep your hair healthy all winter long with these tips.

  1. Wearing a hat in the cold temperatures is necessary to keep us warm but it can lead to hat hair, static, or even damage caused by the hat rubbing against your hair. Before you put on your hat tie a silk scarf around your hair to avoid these issues.
  2. During the winter months our hair needs an extra boost of moisture. Once a week apply a deep conditioning treatment. Ask your stylist at Images International for the right one for you. This is a quick and easy way to lock moisture back into your hair.
  3. Constant shampooing can be very drying especially during the winter. Keep shampooing to a minimum, like three times a week. Always make sure your hair is dry before leaving home. The moisture in your wet hair combined with the cold air will cause further damage by making it brittle and dry.
  4. Every six to eight weeks get a trim. During the cold winter months this is especially important to reduce the chance of split ends.
  5. If you hair and skin are feeling terribly dry and itchy, consider using a humidifier. The extra moisture from a humidifier will help combat the dry air from your furnace.

For more tips on keeping your hair healthy through the winter, visit our salon and ask your stylist. Stay tuned to our blog for winter tips for hair additions.

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