Pregnancy and Hair Loss

Pregnancy causes a variety of hormonal changes for women both during the pregnancy phase and after. The extra hormones produced during pregnancy can affect hair in many different ways. About a third of women report their hair feeling healthier and thicker in the midst of their pregnancy. Some women, on the other hand, feel their hair is drier and more problematic than usual. Hormonal changes vary in each individual and can also vary in each pregnancy which is why some women report changes in their hair and some do not.

It is uncommon for hair troubles to last through the entire nine months of pregnancy so rest assured the last three months in particular should be very good for your hair.

During the first trimester your hair may feel thicker but that is simply an illusion. Your hair grows slowly, about a half inch a month, so it would take around six months to a year to notice any actual change. The perceived thickness happens because pregnancy increases estrogen levels and reduces the circulation of androgens or male hormones. This causes your follciles to produce less natural oil or sebum. The result is bouncier roots and more body. Less sebum can make your hair feel drier so make sure to moisturize your hair.

There are times when the hormones produced during pregnancy can actually help an existing scalp condition. Some women may notice their psoriasis can temporarily disappear during pregnancy. It is typical, however, for hair and scalp usually go back to their previous state after the pregnancy is over.

Very few hair are shed during pregnancy, so your hair will often be much thicker and fuller towards the middle and end of your pregnancy. This is because the extra estrogen levels keep your hair in the anagen, or growing, phase for long longer than usual. Post-partum hair loss can occur once estrogen levels return to normal.

It takes a large amount of energy to grow a baby and your body will prioritize your baby’s needs over that of your hair. In order to keep your hair healthy, eat a diet rich in complex carbohydrates such as whole grains, fruit and vegetables. Always discuss diet changes with your doctor.

To combat dryness during pregnancy, try a moisturizing mask or conditioning treatment sold at Images International. Temporarily changing your shampoo and conditioner to a moisturizing formula may be helpful.

Try not to stress about your hair. Once your hormones stabilize after pregnancy you should notice it is back to its usual behavior.

To discuss hair loss concerns regarding hormones or pregnancy call Images Internaitonal for a free consultation with a hair and scalp analysis included.

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