Loosen Your Hair Style - Hair Loss Cause: Traction Alopecia

Thinning hair and hair loss can be caused by many different factors such as genetics, stress, diet and medical conditions. One type of hair loss, traction alopecia, is a type of hair loss caused by a constant pulling on the hair from its follicle.

We notice traction alopecia particularly in people who:

  • Wear hair weaves, tight braids and hair extensions
  • Consistently wear their hair in a tight bun such as ballerinas or gymnasts
  • Wear hair in a tight ponytail on a regular basis
  • Excessively and harshly brush and backcomb their hair

This condition is not just seen in women. In fact, a current and popular male style, the man bun, has us seeing more cases of traction alopecia in men. This is when a man wears his hair slicked and pulled back into a tight bun high up on his head. To prevent hair loss, the bun should be tied loosely.

We first notice signs of traction alopecia on the front hairline and around the perimeter of the scalp. This is where most of the pulling occurs. Over time, the pulling moves further back as the new hairs are put under strain. Ultimately we start to see significant recession in the hairline.

Breakage also occurs with too tight hair styles. This commonly occurs around the temples and front of the scalp with makes the management of hair much more difficult because of the short flyaway hairs. Tight rubber bands can actually cut through the hair shaft and fracture strands throughout your mid-lengths.

The good news is traction alopecia is usually reversible. We highly recommend ceasing the tight hair styles and beginning a low level laser light therapy program at Images International to jump start your healthy hair growth.

If you continue to where hair weaves, braids and tight buns after you notice hair loss, the damage will not always be reversible. If the hair starts to grow back and is pulled out again and again damage begins to occur to the hair follicle. Your hair will grow back finer and shorter and in some instances the follicle can become permanently scarred so that hairs are not able to grow at all.

If you think you are experiencing traction alopecia call Images International today for a free hair and scalp analysis. We will discuss the quickest wait to reverse the damage and give you your hair back.

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