Dry Shampoo: One mistake women make is washing their hair too much. This strips the hair of its natural oils. Try washing your hair every other day or every 3 days and use a dry shampoo in-between. Giving your hair a break from shampooing will allow the natural oils to come out. An added benefit is dry shampoo doubles as a volumizer giving your hair texture and body.


If you are a women over 40 most likely you are experiencing some level of hair loss. The reason? Hormone imbalance is usually the reason our strands become skinnier and less plentiful. There is a solution!


Hair replacement systems are hand crafted natural based products. This is part of the beauty of a custom hair system. Every hair system is unique from one to the next. Highly skilled & trained individuals create hair to individual specifications.


Hair loss is devastating for men and women. When faced with hair loss many look to hair transplantation as their only option. Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure that first came to the market back in the 1950's. While hair transplantation has come a long way, so too have the non-surgical options, from the introduction of drugs Minoxidil and Propecia/ Finasteride, to the non-drug laser phototherapy option of a low level laser, to non-surgical hair replacement.


XFusion hair building fibers are all natural Keratin hairs that when used can give you the look of fuller and thicker hair. It is totally undetectable and will not come off in the wind, rain or perspiration. 


More and more women are losing their hair today than ever before. The average loss is 20% for women in their 20's, 30% for women in their 30's and 40's and 40% for women in their 50's or older. The reason for this hair loss can be the result of many things such as a medical reason, or stress levels, or product related. Once you have determined why you are losing your hair there are many options you have to stop, reverse or hide this hair loss.


So you are thinking of getting a wig. You have several choices of places to go to get a wig, brick and mortar and virtual. However not all wigs are the same.


More men in their early 20's are experiencing thinning hair or premature baldness. It is more to do with the way we live our lives than with our genes. The top three reasons are: Stress, Vices, and Poor Nutrition.


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