2016 was a great year for Images International. We welcomed back one of our long-time stylists, we hosted our first Women’s Hair Loss Seminar, we completed another hair replacement training and we expanded our treatment and laser programs. We plan on continuing our growth and excitement in the year ahead.


If you are a woman that is losing her hair you are going through an emotional time. You may not know why it's happening, you worry how far your hair loss will go. Will your scalp show? Will your part widen? Will your forehead be exposed? You notice hair in the shower drain, hair falling as you blow dry and hair filling up your brush. The diameter of your ponytail gets smaller, now you have to loop your rubber band four times rather than three.


This past weekend Images International hosted a training for our stylists to learn new cutting techniques. Our mission at Images is to allow our clients the ability to love their hair. This means giving the most natural look so they are no longer self-conscious about their appearance. When it comes to adding hair to a client’s existing hair it takes a great deal of skill and talent to accomplish a seamless hair style. Our team recognizes the importance of pushing themselves to achieve the looks that our valued clients are asking for.


On your search for an explanation behind your thinning hair and hair loss you may have visited a doctor. Having a scalp biopsy performed by a dermatologist can help diagnose conditions that can be causing your hair loss. Occasionally a dermatologist may find a reason behind your hair loss which can help you treat it.
One of the conditions dermatologists uncover after a scalp biopsy is scarring alopecia. Scarring alopecia has three different subtypes and we will discuss them here.


If you’ve ever brushed your hair and felt a snap as your hair broke off, you may need to address the strength of your hair. Generally, a strand of hair is a strong fiber capable of holding up to 100 grams. Hair is elastic and can even stretch up to thirty percent of its length before it breaks. If your hair is not in good condition, however, it will break during routine habits such as brushing or putting it in a ponytail.


Trichology falls somewhere between cosmetology and dermatology. It is the study of the hair and scalp. A trichologist is educated in scalp conditions that may lead to hair loss.


Images International works with men and women with scarring alopecia regularly. This condition affects men and women of all ages that are otherwise healthy. The condition is not contagious and it is not hereditary. Scarring alopecia is a condition that is not understood well but it is thought to be linked to the immune system like alopecia Areata. An auto-immune condition affecting the scalp can destroy hair follicles causing hair loss.


If you feel like you notice more shedding in the Autumn months you are not imagining it. Seasonal hair loss is a common thing. To understand this phenomenon, you must first understand that hair growth happens in cycles.


Trichodynia or burning scalp syndrome is a condition that puzzles the medical community and can be quite frustrating for those experiencing this uncomfortable situation. The feeling of burning or itching of the scalp can occur on its own or in connection to major hair shedding. This too is not well understood as researchers are unsure if the condition causes hair loss or the hair loss causes the condition.


On August 3, 2016, Images International hosted the first annual Metro Detroit Women's Hair Loss Seminar. The seminar was intended to educate women on the causes of hair loss and the solutions that are available to women experiencing all stages of thinning hair or hair loss.


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  • After looking for years found the prefect place for hair replacement I found Images International. The staff and management is great and a lot of fun, they work with you on the style and teach you how to manage it yourself.

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