As our valued clients know, Images International moved into a new salon in the Fall of 2015. We have invested in our new location, invested in training for our stylists and we have brought in high quality products for our guests. Because of these exciting advancements we had a professional photographer visit our salon to capture some of our work, our new digs and our wonderful clients experiencing our process.


Alopecia areata is a condition that causes areas of baldness in areas throughout the scalp. While this condition can be temporary it is very frustrating for those who have it. About four percent of the population has alopecia areata. While it can effect both men and women of all ethnic groups it is most likely to occur between the ages of twenty and fifty.


 Many lifestyle habits affect your hair from your diet to your hobbies. Spending time outside in the sun is one of those things that will have an affect on your mane. During the summer months we enjoy the outdoors, we soak up the sun and feel the warmth we long for during the long winter months. All of that sun exposure can cause damage to our hair and our scalp if we do not take steps to protect it.


Aging can bring on many changes for women. Our skin loses elasticity, we have a harder time sustaining muscle and maintaining our metabolism. For many women, hair loss is also a part of getting older.

Hair loss or hair thinning is very common and Images International works with women of all ages to address their concerns. It can happen as early as your twenties, it might pick up during child bearing years with fluctuating hormones or it might show it’s face in menopause when our hormones become depleted.


Detroit, MI - Images International of Bingham Farms, MI, is sponsoring a FREE Women's Hair Loss Seminar from 6:30pm-8:30pm on Wednesday, August 3,2016, to educate women on the causes of hair loss and the newest treatments and solutions. Hair loss professionals will discuss the causes of women's hair loss, review recent FDA approval for women's treatment and advances in technology which now allow women so many options. Kayla Martell, 2011 Miss America Finalist, will be guest speaker and sharing her own experience of total hair loss.


Whether you wear hair or not you may find yourself sticking with the same length or style year after year. If you're feeling bored with the same look everyday but you are nervous to take the plunge and cut your hair or try something different try some of these styling tricks to create a fresh appearance.


Images International loves being able to offer the instant gratification that a hair graft can give. You can walk into our salon with hair loss or thin hair and walk out with full, voluminous hair that is your own. You can swim, sleep, workout and style your hair just as usual. While this is an immediate solution that creates the exact look you desire, we understand that not everyone is ready to take on that change as soon as they meet with us.


Images International has been helping men and women address their thinning hair and hair loss for over twenty years. There has been much innovation in the field of hair replacement and Images International is always on the cutting edge of these new advancements.


The Images International team underwent another training on Monday with Kristan from K Bella Salon. Kristan has brought her expertise to Images in the past and being an educator for the Neuma International Design Team she keeps our girls trained on the most cutting edge techniques and styles.


Healthy hair is beautiful hair and Images International can deliver you the hair of your dreams. We offer one of the most popular smoothing treatments on the market, The Brazilian Blowout


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  • I have been coming in for laser hair treatment for about 6 months now & I am already seeing improvements in the health of my hair. I have gotten compliments recently about the fullness, texture & shine of my hair. My hairdresser also told me that my hair looks & feels so much better than before I started the laser hair treatments. I am doing the more natural & organic approach so the results are slower but I still see new hair growth. I really look forward to seeing my results because they show you all these details about the hair that I never knew before & show you how far you've come. The laser hair treatment is for a dedicated person because you have to come in two times a week for the improvements to start happening. I currently have hair extensions but hope that at the end of the laser treatments I will be able to take them out & be comfortable with my own natural hair. The staff is also so welcoming & understanding of the situations because hair loss is a sensitive topic. I really enjoy talking with the staff about any questions I have & can't wait to see them every time I come in.


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