Scarring Alopecia

Images International works with men and women with scarring alopecia regularly. This condition affects men and women of all ages that are otherwise healthy. The condition is not contagious and it is not hereditary. Scarring alopecia is a condition that is not understood well but it is thought to be linked to the immune system like alopecia Areata. An auto-immune condition affecting the scalp can destroy hair follicles causing hair loss.

Scarring alopecia, or primary cicatricial alopecia, causes permanent hair loss similar to Alopecia Areata. What sets it apart from Alopecia Areata is that the hair follicles become filled with skin cells which gives the appearance of a shiny and smooth area of skin on the scalp. There can even be a few stray hairs interspersed on the scalp which makes it tricky for doctors to diagnose sometimes. One distinguishable factor is that scarring alopecia causes inflammation on the scalp, scaling and pustules. While there is no actual “scar” visible on the scalp the area may have redness or decreased pigmentation.

This frustrating condition can be difficult to control but medications can be tried to attempt remission. There are several different sub-types of alopecia cicatricial and the medication suggested will vary depending on which type you have. The goal in most treatment is to reduce inflammation and decrease the lymphocytic cells that are destroying the follicle. The treatments unfortunately cannot cure the main cause of the inflammation and therefore most treatments aren’t curative and the condition may recur at some point if treatment is stopped.

If the area of scalp is large and the condition has been inactive for a few years, surgery may be considered to remove the area of skin that is affected by the scarring.
There is no way for us to know how quickly or how severe scarring alopecia will affect you. In some cases, you may have enough hair to style in a way that covers the affected areas, in other cases hair loss is very extensive and quick.

If you are suffering from the effects of scarring alopecia, Images International can offer you solutions so you can have the full head of hair that you yearn for. Call us at (248) 540-0900 to schedule a free consultation.

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