2016 Baha Training

This past weekend Images International hosted a training for our stylists to learn new cutting techniques. Our mission at Images is to allow our clients the ability to love their hair. This means giving the most natural look so they are no longer self-conscious about their appearance. When it comes to adding hair to a client’s existing hair it takes a great deal of skill and talent to accomplish a seamless hair style. Our team recognizes the importance of pushing themselves to achieve the looks that our valued clients are asking for.

The first day of training we welcomed Baha and Karla to our studio. Both experienced in non-surgical hair replacement, they offer a wealth of knowledge to share with us. We had been collecting a list of questions and we were looking forward to finally having solutions for them. We discussed the different application techniques as well as developed a clear understanding of the wide variety of solutions available to us. We take pride in always offering the latest technology so it was very important to us to learn about some of the new products we can offer our clients.

Day two we jumped into cutting right away starting with the many ways to cut the very trendy bob haircut. Baha demonstrated several techniques and variations to this cut and the girls picked it up quickly. We switched to a lesson on delivering a fade haircut before our first model came. Once everyone was warmed up we welcomed our first model, Max, into our studio.

Max is a young man experiencing hair loss throughout the top of his head and he has been working with Images for over a year. He is always striving for the perfect fade and he frequently brings in a picture of the latest trend that he’d like us to cut. He has a keen eye for the details and so he was a perfect model for us to work with. He brought up many great points for Baha to address and for us to learn from. Our second model followed and she was new to our company and very interested in what we can offer her.

Barbara has been experiencing hair loss for several years and she is very thin on top of her head with thicker hair in the back. She had previously been wearing a wig but looking for something more comfortable and more secure. We educated her about our products and then developed a clear understanding of what she was looking for. Listening to Barbara, we knew she was going to enjoy the low maintenance aspect of wearing our hair compared to a wig. Baha demonstrated his expertise giving her long layers and lots of movement with her cut. While apprehensive at the start, she was thrilled and excited when we finished. The process and haircut were reinforced when our second model arrived and was looking for a similar cut and style.

Kathleen is an experienced hair wearer but she transitioned into a more natural look, upgrading her product to something that can offer her a visible part and more comfort. The last thing we want is for our clients to seem as if they’re wearing a wig and so Baha’s techniques on thinning, de-bulking and blending were helpful tips for our stylists to add to their practice. We convened day two with excitement and a feeling of great success.

Day three began with troubleshooting some of our common issues that we face with delivering the most natural look. We used some of our actual challenges we face as examples and we all participated in how to overcome those obstacles. Our first model arrived and we began our work with him. Steve was new to wearing hair, he is thin in the crown with a bit of hair near his hairline. We developed a custom shaped solution for him to wear and Sahar executed the cut. Putting to use the techniques Baha had been demonstrating, Steve’s new look took off ten years and he was thrilled.

Pamela, the owner, was our final model and she was trying a new form of application. This was important to her because she values being able to relate to her clients and this will allow her to further do so. Pamela has her hair colored and the stylists must match the hair addition to her own hair. This is one of the many skills our stylists are experts at since they are challenged daily in color matching. Once her hair was colored they applied Pamela’s new hair and with the new technology she is trying came new possibilities in styling, most notably the natural look of a part and a lighter hair style.

The days moved quick and it was time for Baha and Karla to depart. We all learned so much about the world in which we all work and we are excited to bring our knowledge to our clients. Hair replacement is ever changing and the possibilities are very exciting. If you want to discuss correcting your hair loss, call Images International at (248) 540-0900 to schedule a free consultation.

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