Trichodynia or burning scalp syndrome is a condition that puzzles the medical community and can be quite frustrating for those experiencing this uncomfortable situation. The feeling of burning or itching of the scalp can occur on its own or in connection to major hair shedding. This too is not well understood as researchers are unsure if the condition causes hair loss or the hair loss causes the condition.

One theory is the loss of hair itself, having many strands of hair enter the telogen phase, or resting phase, at once causes inflammation of the scalp which causes the burning and itching sensations. Some studies have linked stress and anxiety to an exacerbation of their burning scalp. Since stressful events often trigger an onset of telogen effluvian, or rapid hair shedding, it makes sense that stress can play a role in this condition. One study suggests that people suffering from this condition have a higher pain perception, they can actually feel their follicle does not have a hair and their nervous system interprets that as pain.

If you are suffering from burning or itching sensations on your scalp there are important things to check before you get to Trichodynia as your diagnosis. Are you using a new hair product? Allergies can easily irritate the sensitive skin of your scalp. Is your scalp dry or flaky? A dry scalp can be very uncomfortable, just like the burning of dry, cracked hands in the winter. Have your scalp tested for yeast overgrowth or psoriasis. These conditions can also sting and burn the scalp.

Trichodynia can be an unsettling, frightening experience. With little known about the condition there is no treatment for it. Since it is believed that there is a psycho-somatic element to the syndrome it can be thought that stress management may help as hard as it is when one is experiencing anxiety from hair loss. Inflammation can have devastating consequences throughout the body and the scalp is not exempt. An anti-inflammatory diet may help reduce the inflammation that is causing the discomfort and help quiet the condition.

While there is no cure, Images International can help you address your hair loss if you have Trichodynia. We have nourishing scalp treatments and laser therapy to help jump start and elongate the growth cycle of your hair. We also offer hair additions to immediately thicken your hair so you can feel great every day about the way your hair looks. Please call us at (248) 540-0900 for a free hair and scalp analysis.

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