Grey and Aging Hair

Grey hair is a part of growing older. Interestingly, your hair isn’t actually grey. It just seems grey because white hairs that have lost their pigment are interspersed with your normally pigmented hairs. Eventually, your hair color will turn from grey to white as hair pigment cells stop being reproduced.

Why it happens

By age thirty, most people have a few grey hairs, and by age fifty at least half of your hair will have turned grey. The color producing cells of your hair are formed at the bottom of the hair follicle. The exact mechanism that causes the pigment to change is not fully understood. Genetics play a role in terms of when you turn grey – if your parents turned grey earlier it’s probable that you will too. Nutritional and hormonal factors, stress and illness also affect hair color. One of the reasons for this is because stress, illness and an improper diet can deplete your body of vitamin B, and various studies have linked a lack of vitamin B to premature white hairs.

The Change in Texture

While some believe grey hair to be coarser, it’s actually finer. Grey hair seems coarser because as you age your oil glands produce less sebum which results in drier rougher textured hair. This can also be due to the fact that most people dye and process their hair as they get older further stripping it of its moisture.

It is important to be cautious with styling aids as you age. These can further dry out your hair. Images International offers masks and treatments we suggest using on a weekly basis to nourish the hair and scalp. Using a protective heat styling aid when blow drying will also your keep hair from feeling dry and coarse. Don’t pull! Pulling out your grey hairs will damage the follicle resulting in crinkly textured hair or worse, permanent hair loss.

How to Care for Grey Hair

Because grey hair is dryer and finer, a volumizing shampoo is useful with a moisturizing conditioner. You can treat grey hair just as you treat normally pigmented hair with just a little extra caution. Chemical processing may cause discoloration. Perming for example may cause a slight yellowing as can smoking. If you notice discoloration ask your stylist for our Color Capture product, a purple shampoo that corrects the tone of your grey hair.

Grey hair is more vulnerable to sun damage because it lacks melanin – a pigment that protects your hair from the sun. If you have grey hair it’s important to use a product containing SPF daily and wear a hat when you are exposed to the sun for prolonged periods of time.

For more tips, product suggestions and information set up an appointment at Images International and be proud of your hair.

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