Is Vitamin D a factor in your hair loss?

Vitamin D is essential to healthy bones and skin and many Americans, especially those who live in the northern part of the country do not get enough. Winter months, use of sunscreen and diets lacking in the nutrient are all to blame for our diminishing vitamin D levels.

New research suggests vitamin D regulates the expression of a gene that grows hair. For some, getting their full amount of vitamin D may improve health and aid hair growth. Natural sources of vitamin D are brief sun exposure, for example, fifteen minutes a day, fortified beverages like orange juice and milk, and fatty fish such as salmon.

Taking too much vitamin D can have negative side effects like having too much calcium in your blood or even kidney problems. We highly recommend asking your doctor to check your vitamin D levels and then follow their advice to address low levels or deficiency.

Optimizing your vitamin D levels may even help you beyond hair loss by potentially preventing heart disease, cancer and bone fractures.

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