Your Hair After 40, What Changes and How To Fix It

Your Color is Changing

As you age you may start to notice gray hair. Each hair follicle contains a certain number of pigment cells. These pigment cells produce a continuous amount of melanin which gives the growing hair it’s color. As you get older the pigment cells in your hair shaft gradually die. When there are fewer pigment cells in each hair follicle, the strand of hair will no longer contain enough melanin to produce it’s natural color like brown or black, instead it will grow to be a transparent color like grey, silver or white.

How to Fix it

Whether sparse or throughout your hair, Images International uses gentle color for full coverage of your gray hair. Our color experts will give you depth of color and dimension with our top quality product line of hair color.

Your Hair Density is Changing

Hair loss can be caused by a number of factors from genetics, hormones, diet or stress. It is common for your hair to thin as you age and most researchers agree that it will happen to some degree to most people over the age of forty.

How To Fix It

The solution for thinning hair often depends on how much hair you’re losing. You may be a candidate for laser light therapy at Images International which stimulates blood flow to the scalp promoting healthy hair growth. For major loss, a product with minoxidil, like our Spectral DNC products, may help stop or reverse your hair loss. Be patient, these treatments take 4-6 months to start seeing results. For a quicker fix, Images International offers X-Fusion, keratin fibers you sprinkle on that make thinning hair look thick and full.

Your Hair Elasticity is Changing

Your hair may be feeling more brittle as you age or you may experience breakage. This is due to your hair’s protective outer cuticle becoming more fragile. Lower keratin protein levels as we age leaves hair weak and less elastic so you may notice it break when it is brushed or pulled back.

How To Fix It

Treat your hair gently. Avoid combing or brushing your hair while it is wet, that is when most breakage occurs. Instead, use a wide tooth comb to detangle wet hair. Try not to use heat tools and if you must, use them at their lowest setting.

The Diameter of Your Hair Is Changing

After 40 the thickness of individual strands of hair decreases. Your hair thickness may marginally decrease throughout every growth cycle; becoming finer overall and leaving you with a thinner ponytail or noticeably less volume.

How to Fix It

Use a styling product with protein which will coat your hair to give the appearance of more dimension. Images International offers a full line of products to add volume and thickness to your thin strands.

Your Hair Isn’t Growing As Fast

Your hair growth rate will slow down as you enter your midlife. This is due to your hair spending more time in the resting phase rather than the growth phase. This makes hair grow very slowly and it will be difficult for you to achieve longer lengths as perhaps you once were able to.

How To Fix It

Spectral DNC products offered at Images International contain minoxidil which is designed to make your hair stay in the anagen phase longer and grow faster. DNC products contain far beyond the proven drug minoxidil. The products are loaded with antioxidants and it is molecularly designed to release over a period of twelve hours rather than diluting right into your scalp upon application as with other minoxidil treatments.

Your Hair lost it’s Sheen

Through the aging process you naturally lose fatty acids and keratin proteins. This makes your hair dull and susceptible to damage. When you process it as you are used to doing, your hair will not hold up to the color or heat styling because the inner cortex is being damaged too.

How To Fix It

Add a deep conditioner into your routine. Your stylists at Images International can suggest the right product for your hair and set up a weekly conditioning regime to stave off further damage. To give your hair shine run a hair oil or our Black 15in1 Miracle Hair Treatment through your hair’s mid-lengths and ends.

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