Stress Related Hair Loss

You probably know that stress is bad for you but did you know that it even affects your hair?  Stress causes hair loss in a few ways.  Stress can affect your hormone balance, your diet and your immune system.  Learning ways to manage stress can help you protect your hair from it's damaging effects.

When you are stressed your body is in a state of "fight or flight".  This response was critical in the early days of mankind, helping our ancestors escape danger and predators.  Nowadays your stress response can be triggered by everyday struggles in your work and home life.  Stress can increase your body's production of adrenaline which can be converted into cholesterol which then raises your body's level of testosterone.  This male hormone can cause hair loss by affecting the hair follicles that may be more sensitive to it.  Also, testosterone may interrupt the hair growth cycle if a woman's levels are too high. 

Avoid Stress to Grow HairWhen you are in the thickets of a stressful time you may not take care of your body's needs.  It is common for your nutrition to take a hit when you aren't making time to eat balanced meals.  Whether it is by eating fast food or by skipping breakfast improper nutrition may cause vitamin deficiencies that are linked to hair loss.  You need adequate amounts of protein, iron and vitamins for healthy hair growth.  Stress may even affect your digestion and your ability to absorb nutrients from your food. Absence of key nutrients will be reflected in your hair and your overall wellbeing.  Poor diet can even affect your immune system.

On top of stress causing a poor diet, stress can cause your immune system not to work as well as it should.  A hindered immune system can leave us more susceptible to flu, fevers and upsets to our system that may trigger an episode of hair loss.   Hair loss may be noticed as much as 2 months after an illness.  If treated early hair loss from stress is often reversible.

What you can do

There are ways you can reduce your stress levels so you can prevent its associated hair loss.  Yoga, meditating and exercise are all highly effective methods of relieving stress.  Some other ideas may be acupuncture, spending time in nature and mindfulness if you find your days to be overwhelming. 

Images International offers a treatment program to address the stress related causes of hair loss.  For men, the products block the hormone synthesis that triggers hair loss and for women the products maximize the growth stage of the hair life cycle. 

Make sure that however stressed you are there are healthy items readily available to eat.  Salads, whole foods, healthy snacks can be prepped on the weekend for healthy eating all week long.  Taking this step may also help your immune system stay strong, giving it all the necessary nutrition it needs.  Make sure to practice healthy hygiene, hand washing and timely vaccinations so you prevent a stress response caused by a serious illness.  

Stress's impact on your hair may not be noticeable right away.  It is common to notice it 6 to 12 weeks after a stressful event because of where your hair is within the hair growth cycle.

For more information about stress related hair loss and for effective treatments call for a free consultation, (248) 540-0900.  We will give you a complimentary hair and scalp analysis and educate you about your results so you are well equipped to grow beautiful, thick healthy hair.

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