How to Work with Your Thin Hair

Images International offers solutions for men and women who are experiencing thinning hair or hair loss. It is common for us to meet individuals who are discouraged about the look of their thin hair but they aren’t quite ready to take the leap into wearing hair. Here, our stylists offer tips and guidance on how to treat thin hair to maximize its appearance.

  1. Keep up with your cuts - While getting your hair trimmed on a regular basis will not make it grow faster, it can give the appearance of fullness. When your thin strands grow out they can appear straggly and uneven, a regular trim will even up the ends to give the illusion of thicker hair all the way to the tip.
  2. Deep Condition – Stop in for a deep conditioning treatment at Images. Our protein conditioning treatment restructures hair from within, adding fullness and preventing breakage.
  3. Wash regularly – Oily hair can make thin hair look even thinner. Keep hair cleansed to boost volume or even try a dry shampoo to absorb oil if you are in between shampoos.
  4. Condition the ends - Conditioner can weigh the hair down and using it all over may not be necessary if you have thin hair. Try applying it only to the ends. This will help keep the roots lifted and the ends moisturized.
  5. Try Volumizing Products – While some volumizing products can be drying, choosing the carefully selected products at Images International can give the appearance of fullness. Our stylists also suggest backcombing the roots for a lift or giving the roots a blast of cool air as their lifted during a blow out; the cool air helps the style set.
  6. Eat your protein - Hair needs protein for healthy growth. Make sure you are eating a balanced diet full of healthy lean proteins for optimal healthy hair growth.
  7. Heat wisely - Thin hair can be fragile and exposing it to heated styling tools can cause the strands to break. Use heat tools sparingly and at their lowest setting to avoid damaging your hair.
  8. Laser therapy – Low level laser light therapy is FDA approved to stop hair loss and to regrow hair. Stimulating blood flow to the scalp brings nourishment to the hair follicle which creates healthy hair.

For more information on styling ideas for your thin hair call for a free consultation, (248) 540-0900.

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