Hair Loss Prevention Program

Prevention should come before restoration. Images International takes a holistic approach to hair loss prevention by enriching your hair and scalp, preventing further damage, blocking DHT, and taking into account everything about your lifestyle. We offer gentle, environmentally conscious maintenance products to help you care for and retain your hair every single day.

Hair Loss Prevention is for everyone.

capilia head first logoSkilled stylists can work wonders with hair additions, but the best result we can give our clients is to stop or reverse their hair loss.If you've been investigating hair loss alternatives, you probably have now come across the term Trichology, which is the scientific study of the scalp and hair follicle. Recently coming out of research and development is Head First, a natural, biodegradable product developed by a team of medical doctors and hair loss specialists, which treats conditions of the scalp which lead to hair loss. It's now possible to either slow down or prevent hair loss.

Preventing hair loss requires effort and attention.

Prevention is a key part of the philosophy at our studio. Some of the ways we implement it include:

  • Listening to your wants, needs, concerns, and expectations.
  • Keeping your hair healthy with the right non-damaging products.
  • Inhibiting DHT with medical, topical, or all-natural DHT blockers.
  • Promoting new growth with supplements, Head First, and/or laser hair therapy.
  • Cleansing the scalp of any substance or condition that could prevent growth.
  • Teaching you how to care for your hair.

What to expect from Head First.

Head First Product LineupThe first step is to do a microscopic magnification analysis of your scalp and hair follicles, which often can show what is not seen by visual exam.  A healthy scalp is a prerequisite for healthy hair.  Clogged shafts and scarring can lead to hair loss, along with other issues that may normally go unnoticed.  A formula of multiple shampoos, conditioners and emulsions are customized to meet your specific needs, and applied with in-studio treatment and home usage.  These products are natural and biodegradable, beneficial to your scalp health and the environment.  By cleansing the scalp, stimulating blood flow and providing nutrients to the hair follicles, you will soon notice improved condition and fullness of hair, and regrowth of hair from the live hair follicles.  Genetics may play a part in your hair loss, but you can certainly slow down the effect with Head First.

Scalp Facial – Residue on Scalp Treatment

A healthy scalp is crucial to healthy hair growth. Residues, silicones, oils, bacteria, parasites and fungus exist on your scalp and can harm your hair follicle. This needs to be removed regularly. The Residue on Scalp treatment lifts up residue, corrects the pH of your scalp, purifies and detoxifies the surface of your scalp so you can grow your healthiest, thickest hair.

In Salon Treatments

Male Pattern Baldness occurs in 4 distinct phases: Dry dandruff, oily dandruff, seborrheic hair loss and Hippocratic baldness. Our In Salon Treatments address all four stages differently. Depending on which stage you are experiencing your treatment plan will address your scalp so it is completely balanced and healthy. The treatment acts on the major factors preventing hair loss and helps keep hair healthy longer, slowing down the process of hair loss.

Maintaining Integrity

Our passion is to provide you with the best solutions for hair loss prevention and/or hair restoration. Our first priority is to slow down or stop your hairloss, then to provide holistic approach to maintaining and stimulating hair regrowth, and to provide hair restoration if more hair is needed. you ever do have a concern about the way we're treating your hair, we encourage you to bring it to our attention.

If you're ready to talk to a hair restoration professional you can trust with your hair, schedule your hair and scalp analysis at Images International today. It could go a long way toward improving your outlook for your hair.

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