Hair Growth Vitamins

Images International is here to give you everything you need to manage and counter your hair loss. To support all nature of hair restoration approaches, we offer carefully selected nutritional supplements. These vitamins, minerals, and herbal formulas are on-hand in our studio so that we can conveniently integrate them into your hair-loss prevention regimen.

Poor nutrition leads to poor hair growth.

One of the main factors in thinning and hair loss is the amount of nutrition the hair follicles receive. It's not just about your diet and overall nutrition, either. Hair growth can be inhibited by vitamin deficiencies, reduced blood flow in the scalp, or DHT that blocks the part of the hair follicle responsible for growth. Ensuring proper nutrition for the hair and scalp is one of the ways that we promote new growth and prevent the advancement of hair loss.

The Building Blocks of Hair

Many of the ways that we prevent hair loss and encourage new growth involve giving your hair what it needs to keep growing. Most hair loss is less about hair falling out and can more accurately be tied to an interruption in the hair growth cycle. Ultimately your hair does fall out and that leads to balding, but the shedding is usually not the root cause.

The Mechanisms of Hair Loss

By providing better nutrition to the hair, scalp, and follicles, we can combat half the mechanism that causes most hair loss. The other front in that battle is to prevent DHT from damaging your finite number of hair follicles, and we also offer several DHT blocking therapies to achieve that goal. When it comes to Vitamins, though, we need to make sure that all the elements vital to hair growth are being delivered and absorbed.

Oral or Topical Formulas

Hair Growth Vitamins for men and other hair-building nutrients can be delivered topically or orally. If a vitamin deficiency is identified in your initial hair and scalp analysis, we can isolate the specific vitamin your hair is lacking and deliver it in one or multiple ways. By ensuring proper nutrition, we improve the health and integrity of existing hair, create improved growing conditions in the scalp, and give the body everything it needs to generate new hair growth.

We never recommend starting a vitamin or supplement regimen without the input of a medical professional. If you're not sure what's causing your hair loss, schedule your free initial hair and scalp analysis at Images International. If we think a vitamin deficiency is contributing to your hair loss, we'll give you all the information you and your doctor need to ensure that supplements are a good option for you.

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