Retail Hair Products

We're not here to sell you products, but to find answers that will get you results. In many cases, at-home formulas can improve the effectiveness of the steps we take in our studio to prevent loss and promote new growth. We've chosen product lines from responsible companies that will help you get the most of your hair. Our stylists can help you find and use hair-care products that will get the best results from your hair each day and over the long term.

Images International is all about creating the unique program that gives you the best-looking hair of your life. Our commitment to quality and excellence extends to the retail products that we offer to our clients for home use. These top-quality products, hand-picked by our team, deliver uncompromising style at an affordable price.


Jorgen is a great line of products formulated specifically to protect hair additions of all kinds and to keep them feeling soft and natural. Their gentle cleansing and styling products are engineered to have a pH level that's safe for your hair, scalp, and additions. Jorgen's safe ingredients maintain the integrity of all your hair and the bond that keeps your additions securely in place.


XFusion Keratin Fibers build upon your existing hair to hide thinning and make partial hair loss undetectable. This cosmetic solution is a great option during the initial stages of hair loss, especially working together with a DHT blocker or nutrient supplements for the hair and scalp. The XFusion formula uses carefully matched keratin micro fibers to fill in the space between your existing hair shafts. It's water resistant and non-color-transferable, so it will never reveal the secret it's meant to hide.

Hats, Tapes, Adhesives & Maintenance Tools

We hope that you only have to think about your hair loss while you're inside our studio. If you can restore your hair and forget it until your next touch-up, then we've been successful. That's why we carry a wide array of vent brushes, hats, adhesives, and other tools made specifically for thinning, damaged, and replacement hair. Even if you're wearing hair from another studio, we likely have everything you need for the care and maintenance of your hair.

Neuma Products

Neuma shampoo, conditioner, volumizing and styling products help your hair become manageable, strong and healthy without the use of harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances. Neuma products are safe to use on all hair systems and your natural, growing hair. Completely transparent in their business practices, Neuma provides a full list of ingredients used in every product. All products are natural plant based, vegan formulas that are never tested on animals. Environmentally and socially conscious, High Density Polyethylene plastic bottles are recycled and wind power and paperless practices conserve energy.

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