Summer Care for Hair Additions

Caring for your hair addition may require different steps during the warm summer months. As with our natural hair, some things to look out for are oilier scalps, fading hair color and thick, hot hairstyles.

Summer heat can cause perspiration on your scalp which may affect the quality of your bond. While, Images International uses the latest technology and state of the art adhesives designed to withstand water, soap and perspiration, occasionally we have to adjust our formula of care during the summer months to keep a strong comfortable bond all month long. Let your technician know if you notice your scalp condition changing with the season. There are several solutions available, from shortening your time between refreshes or tweaking your bonding regime. Images International offers scalp masks, exfoliation treatments as well as several varieties of products and techniques so all you have to do is enjoy your summer.

Part of enjoying your summer means spending time outdoors in the sunshine. Our hair additions are designed to allow you to hit the beach, swim and workout worry free. We do suggest taking a few extra precautions that will ensure you always look your best. Ultraviolet rays can alter or fade the color of your hair. Try our Jorgen Protein Conditioner Spray which contains sunscreen and be mindful of your sun exposure.

Sunshine and warm temperatures can make you feel hot and sticky. If you are maintaining a heavier hairstyle, summer is the time to lighten up! Images International offers a wide variety of hair additions. We are always adding new technology and options for our guests. Some of our newest models offer a lightweight fit with ventilation throughout and it truly feels like your own hair. Ask your stylist for details about our collection of new technology hair additions and try one today.

Our stylists are trained experts at giving you the look you desire. We would love to add some summer highlights, give you a new summer cut or educate you about keeping your style low maintenance. We have products that you can take to the beach for an air dried wavy look or we have products that will keep your hair sleek on a frizzy hair day. Let us know the look you desire; we are glad to suggest styles and products specific to your needs.

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  • I was always taught that a woman's hair was her glory, losing mine was hard to handle. For many years I struggled with hair problems. I went to the doctor and they ran all types of tests but they could not give me an answer for my hair problems. I shed many tears over this. I took vitamins, injections in my scalp, and many suggestions from friends. I wore a wig for years but needed something different. I tried the hair weave but my hair would snap right off. I had seen ads for hair restoration and finally contacted Images International.

    Images International was a big step for me, but it was rewarding. Although I am still very sensitive about my hair loss I feel better about myself. I have tried several different styles which gives me the opportunity to be a little creative. Making the decision has helped me feel confident and with Images’ help I continue to look for ways to improve. My stylists have all been great and very helpful with helping me achieve the look I want.


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