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Images International places a high value on continuing our education. This is not only because it helps our stylists continuously improve their techniques but hair trends and styles are always changing and we acknowledge the need for our stylists to stay current. By staying relevant in today’s quickly changing business of hair styling we are able to offer our clients the looks they desire in every season.

Recently one of our senior stylists took a special training class in hair cutting techniques. We are proud that our team takes the initiative to improve their skills beyond our routine trainings at our salon. We congratulate Sahar for going above and beyond to consistently upgrade her knowledge and skills.

Sahar comes to Images International from the Regency Beauty Institute in Southgate where she was educated in cosmetology with a concentration in chemistry. She has completed the training using the Baja Technique for hair additions. She has received training from Mrs. Lisa Hall, Mr. Greg Zorion and is routinely involved in our in-house training sessions for long hair bonding, hair cutting techniques and customer service. She is also trained and well versed in our topical hair solutions from DS Laboratories.

Her interest in hair replacement stems from her desire to help others overcome their challenges. She appreciates the opportunity to resolve problems for our guests stemming from their discomfort in their personal appearance due to hair loss. She enjoys getting to know all of her clients personally and professionally. By understanding their pasts, she is determined to brighten their futures.

The training class Sahar took part in discussed several different techniques for hair cutting such as the “shear over comb” technique, the “clipper over comb” technique and perfecting the art of the “fade” haircut including ways to avoid demarcations, lines or heavy spots.
The training class covered effective ways of consulting with guests on a preliminary basis as well as once the guest becomes a well-known client.

The topics that particularly interested Sahar during this training were the clipper over comb technique because it allows the stylist not to use their fingers, “you’re going at the same angle, but faster,” she noted. Some tips she took with her are that “there are many different tools and there is always more than one technique for doing a haircut” but if you are using different ways, never rush, “never change the pace at which you are cutting the hair,” she says.

To someone that is contemplating hair loss solutions; Sahar recommends going step by step and educating yourself about all of the benefits. “It’s about boosting your confidence and knowing if you’re ready to take that step for extra self-confidence,” she says. She acknowledges that it’s a commitment and a change, something that may take getting used to, however you’ll ultimately feel more comfortable, she says. “We lead you step by step from the beginning and we stay with you all the way. We always want to make our guests happy and fully satisfied with our service.”

For an appointment with Sahar, call Images International, we are happy to see you.

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