Hope for Those Experiencing Hair Loss

Thanks to laser hair restoration therapy, there is now hope for those experiencing thinning or damaged hair or hair loss. Solution is low level laser treatments for hair loss.

How it works:

The interaction between laser light and living tissue is defined as photobiology. Photobiology can be subdivided into laser-tissue reactions defined as photochemistry and photophysics - that is, the stimulation of chemical or physical reactions by laser light. The use of light of any wavelength for medical purposes as defined as phototherapy.

An accidental observation in laboratory mice in 1967 led to discovery that visible red laser light stimulates hair growth. A Hungarian scientist investigating the effect of laser light in treating skin cancer noticed that hair grew back more quickly on the skin of shaved mice treated with visible red laser light.

Research has shown that visible red laser light in the 630-670 nanometer spectrum is absorbed by an intracellular enzyme (cytochrome c). Photobiological reactions stimulated in cytochrome c sends signals throughout cells of the hair follicle, stimulating enhanced gene activity, decreased apoptosis (gene-regulated cell death), and other changes that enhance cell activity and survival.

Red light in the narrow spectrum of 630-670 nanometers in a narrow spectrum at low power is absorbed by hair follicle molecules critical to stimulating hair growth or regrowth. Absorption of light by the hair follicle molecules is essential in order for biological reaction to be stimulated in the molecules. If light is not absorbed, no photobiological reaction will occur.

Benefits of Laser Treatment:

  • New hair growth
  • Substantial decrease in hair fallout
  • Increased speed of hair growth
  • Increased manageability of hair
  • Overall better quality and condition of hair

As leaders in the hair loss industry, Images International is committed to providing education to those experiencing hair loss so that informed decisions can be made on selecting the best solution for your individual needs. Come in for a free hair and scalp analysis in-person, confidential consultation and learn how laser hair restoration therapy can work for you.

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