Pros and Cons of Internet Ordering

At Images International we receive phone calls frequently asking if we will work with hair systems or hair toppers that clients purchase online. The answer is yes, we absolutely do! There’s a bit to unpack here so let’s dive into the advantages and disadvantages of ordering hair on the internet.

The Price Seems Good, Internet Hair it Is

When you shop for hair online you may notice the price is lower than what you experience at Images International. Internet hair sites have a selection of bases, colors, and ways to customize your piece. It may be tempting to order hair from a site at the reduced cost you see on your checkout page.

Not so fast! The price for hair on the internet can often be misleading. Yes, the price of hair on the internet is lower that what you will experience at Images International but there are things to know. There may be extra expenses for shipping, for adding grey hair to the system and the quality may not allow you to achieve a natural appearance.

Internet Hair Beware

There are many vendors on the internet selling hair systems. Prices range and quality certainly differs. Images International has worked with many vendors throughout the years and the quality of the vendor matters greatly. When you purchase a hair system online the website will collect your money but it can be months before you will receive your hair. Once you receive the hair, there may be quality issues, like dry hair, shedding, color inconsistencies, density inconsistencies, wrong texture, the list goes on. If you ordered a custom piece, it can often be near impossible to get any recourse for an incorrect order If you order a stock piece you may have to follow several steps to obtain return authorization. When something goes wrong, you may be out money and you won’t have your hair.

Safe Ordering at Images International

Images International has steps in place to ensure this doesn’t happen to you. We work with vendors that can deliver promptly. We have vetted many vendors, we’ll be honest, we have found some duds! We only work with the finest quality vendors in the industry so that we can deliver you the best hair. We have relationships set up to offer warranty on the hair. We quality check every piece that arrives to us and address any issues immediately, by replacing the order if there are errors. We check that the color matches what we ordered, and that the density is correct. We check how the system is vented to make sure the hair will lay correctly. There is an entire process we go through to ensure you have quality hair.

Our orders are placed thoughtfully and intelligently. Our stylists take their time to create a mold of your head, collect all of your order specifications so that we get in your hair, not just hair from a box. There are times when the color is in between two of the colors offered by a vendor. Our stylists will tone and tweak the color before you even arrive to the studio to receive it.

When the hair arrives from an order you placed on the internet the hair length is long and the density can be full. Working with an Images stylist means they will carve out your style in way that only a specialized trained hair replacement stylist can. They debulk the piece to give it character and movement to achieve the most natural appearance. When you invest money into your hair addition order, you want a trained and certified expert cutting it.

Wearing hair is an incredibly personal journey that requires and exemplary stylist to achieve a natural look. Set up an appointment for a free consultation to learn more about the advantages of working with a specialized hair studio like Images International, (248) 540-0900.

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