Stress and hair loss

It has long been thought that stress can contribute to hair loss. There is some truth to this belief, stress can result in hair loss due to a number of factors. One of the main reasons is that stress can produce adrenaline. Adrenaline is converted into cholesterol which raises your body’s levels of testosterone. Testosterone is a male hormone that has huge implications on hair growth. This frequently causes hair loss in people who have sensitive follicles to fluctuating levels of this hormone. Plus, too high levels can also impact the hair growth cycle, especially in women.

When we are stressed it is easy to forget proper care for ourselves. We may not eat nutritiously, opting for processed comfort foods. Our diet has a large impact on our hair growth. Improper diet and nutrition is a leading cause of hair loss in women. This includes vitamin deficiencies, iron deficiency, inadequate protein intake and meals that do not contain enough calories. Stress can also impact digestion and the absorption of nutrients, reducing their effectiveness. Stress does not immedicably cause hair loss. Any hair loss due to stress will present six to twelve weeks later due to the nature of your hair growth process.

Stress can also affect our immune system making us more susceptible to illness. Our general health is closely linked to hair health. Flu, high fevers and systemic upsets often trigger hair loss approximately two months later. Dandruff can also be an effect of stress for those who are prone to it. Flaky itchy scalps can worsen and lead to hair loss.

It is difficult to treat sensitive follicles so the best way to treat stress related hair loss is addressing the stress itself. Research suggests meditation, yoga and moderate exercise are effective at stress relief. Mindfulness is an effective technique of calming your thoughts and handling the day to day feelings of being overwhelmed.

Images International offers treatments to stimulate hair growth with low level laser light therapy as well as some topical treatments that can help jumpstart the hair growth process.

Take care of yourself by choosing whole, unprocessed foods, do not skip meals. You may discuss with your doctor about taking nutritional supplements to address any vitamin deficiencies. These may also aid in immune system function.

To talk about solutions for your thinning hair or hair loss call Images International for a free consultation with a hair and scalp analysis included.

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