Benefits of a Specialized Salon

Images International is a specialized hair salon that offers solutions for men and women experiencing thinning hair and hair loss. While we offer all of the services and products that a main stream salon offers, we also provide hair additions, low level laser light therapy, topical solutions and wigs to our guests.

We are starting to notice salons are beginning to offer the products and services that Images International has specialized in for over twenty years. The fact is that everything is more widely available these days and some salons are supplementing their business by offering hair loss solutions. While this seems like an accessible way to correct your hair loss it is not always best to work with just any salon. We suggest you choose a specialized salon like Images International to address your thinning hair and hair loss and here is why:

Our free hair and scalp analysis

From the moment you walk in our door we provide you with education about your own specific situation. We use a magnified lensed camera to analyze your hair follicles to see if there is potential for new growth in which case we’ll suggest our low level laser therapy. We’ll be able to see the condition of your scalp, whether it is dry or oily and we can suggest ways to boost your hair and scalp’s nourishment for healthy, thick hair. We will monitor your progress in ways that regular salons can’t using tools designed for hair loss professionals.

We’re seasoned

Non-surgical hair replacement is what we do. A typical salon may mix in a hair replacement customer here and there whereas we do it all day long, every day. Our skills match our volume and our methods are practiced and proven.

We have depth

Our product line is specifically chosen to work with our products. Any old conditioner will not work with non-surgical hair replacement. Most styling products that you will be encouraged to buy at a typical salon will damage your valued hair addition. We offer products designed to maintain the integrity of our adhesives, our bases, and our 100% human hair.

Main stream salons that offer hair additions may carry a few adhesives whereas Images International carries over a dozen different adhesives as well as several different types of tapes. We have studied the fact that every skin is different and what works on one guest may not work on another. Everyone has a different PH level to their skin. In addition, our skin can change throughout the seasons becoming oilier or drier. We are constantly making sure your formula is working for you and we are experts at a strong hold for every guest.

We have better pricing

We order our products in much higher volumes than main stream salons that offer hair additions as a side service. This allows us to order hair at a lower cost and therefore the cost to our customers is less. In addition to reasonable hair pricing, we are able to package our services into monthly programs that cover all haircuts, color and refresh services in one low monthly payment.

If you’re contemplating hair replacement solutions, stop in for a free hair and scalp analysis. We are happy to educate you further about all the products and services we offer to get your hair back. Call us at (248) 540-0900.

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  • After looking for years found the prefect place for hair replacement I found Images International. The staff and management is great and a lot of fun, they work with you on the style and teach you how to manage it yourself.

    -Gene R

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