Spectral DNCN

Images International sells numerous products that help regrow hair. Spectral DNC-N is a topical solution that is designed for men and women who can see scalp or start to see bald spots. There are many benefits of this product that make it shine amongst its competition. The product is safe to use with colored hair as it will not cause the color to fade. Also, the product will not dilute in water.

Spectral DNC-N contains 4.5% minoxidil, which is slightly less than Rogaine’s 5%, however, the Spectral products are molecularly packaged with nanosomal technology to be time released. Rogaine users will be be lucky to get 2% minoxidil concentrations to their scalp after the product dilutes in the skin's oils.

The product takes about six to twelve weeks in order to see results. Hair will be healthier and many people start to see new growth and volume increase.

A very common question we get asked is, “what happens if I stop using the products? Will hair fall out?” The answer is not the same for everyone. It depends on why you were losing hair. If you were losing your hair due to stress, vitamin deficiencies or hormonal imbalance and your body has worked out those issues than the hair you have grown using the Spectral products may last. If your hair loss is due to genetic factors the Spectral products simply “trick” your body into growing hair even though your body is genetically predetermined that you will have hair loss. When you stop using the product you may revert back to the hairline that you were genetically predetermined to have, losing only the hair that you replaced.

Topical treatments should not be used during chemotherapy but they can be very effective after treatment at speeding up regrowth and repairing the follicle to avoid odd hair that returns thinner, greyer or coarse.
Minoxidil should not be used by women who are pregnant or by people with high blood pressure.

If you are interested in trying our Spectral line of products, stop in to Images International or call, (248) 540-0900, for a free hair and scalp analysis.

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  • I've been a client of Images Internat"l for a little over 15 years and have seen significant growth, especially since the arrival of the new ownership team. The new offices are well done with rich dark hardwood tones giving a very impressive spa like appearance and feel. 'I'm a black client whose found his niche in the professionalism and attention to focused care for each client. I also appreciate the diversity in staff that meshes well with the diverse clientele. I've met the new owner who confided in me that she, herself, is a client (how about that)! I have on-going dialogue with the on-site manager who has lent a willing ear to my concerns and has been equally as compliant in addressing them by introducing the latest techniques and the issues of hair loss problems for both men and women. My hair design system is just fantastic. I am so comfortable with my hair system because it is undetectable, the hair curl fits me and is not a stock version for "black " clients, and because the feedback that I receive when out and about tells me that a great job has been done. From the receptionist's greeting received when entering Images to the care and attention given by the stylists, to the personal interaction with owner/management/staff, Images International is just the right place for me to be.

    -Taswell D

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