There is a new device on the market using low-level laser light therapy to help regrow hair. Similar to the HairMax Laser Comb sold at Images International, this device is meant to be used at home at your convenience. The best thing about this product, we think, is that it is a wearable helmet! No longer will hair loss sufferers need to move a comb around their head, the I-Grow Laser Helmet emits visible red light lasers and LED’s and has just been approved by the FDA.

The helmet uses low-level laser light therapy to increase blood flow to the scalp, regenerating tissue which results in cessation of hair loss and healthier hair growth for some. The company that developed the product has done extensive studies proving its efficacy and boasts an increase in growth of 39% after 16 weeks.

Laser light therapy only works for those individuals that have existing hair follicles, thus giving the laser something to stimulate. This product may not be for everyone but certainly it is an exciting advancement for those who have found success commuting into the office for laser light therapy treatments or individuals who take the time to use the Hairmax Comb.

It is suggested that the I-Grow Laser Helmet is used for about 25 minutes 3-4 times per week. It comes with ear phones to play your music and has no known side effects.

Images International wants to know what you think! Leave us a comment if you or someone you know would be interested in this product.

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