Improving Your Scalp For Healthy Hair

A healthy scalp is fundamental to healthy hair. In order to prevent hair loss or damage you must treat your scalp gently and thoughtfully just as you would the skin on your face. Here are some tips to maintain the healthiest scalp possible so you grow healthy, strong hair as well as prevent damage and thinning.

Don’t shampoo every day

Shampooing strips your scalp of its natural oils. Your scalp needs these natural oils to moisturize your hair follicle and hair strands. Skipping a day or two of shampooing will allow your scalps natural oils to penetrate your hair strands. When shampooing, try our Surface line of products which are sulfate free which means they are free of the harsh cleanser sodium lauryl sulfate that is extremely drying to hair strands. But don’t wait too long. Waiting over five days can clog hair follicles with a buildup of dead skin cells, oil and hair product. This will cause inflammation and slow the hair growth process. For most people shampooing every two or three days is suggested unless you have a particularly oily scalp in which case daily shampooing is ok.

Brush you hair regularly

Brushing your hair before you shower is a great way to increase blood circulation and loosen dead skin cells that can clog hair follicles and inhibit hair growth. Brushing your hair is also a great way to bring down the natural oils created at the scalp through the hair shaft to moisturize the entire strand.

Clarify Monthly

Hair products cause buildup on your strands and a monthly clarifying treatment is necessary to deep clean damaging chemicals from your hair. Product buildup can irritate the scalp and even cause immune responses that can slow hair growth or cause shedding. Make your own by adding a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to your shampoo, let sit for three minutes, then rinse. If you color your hair a clarifying treatment may cause your color to fade so wait until just before your touch up to deep clean.

Use Conditioner On The Top

You may have been told not to condition the top of your head but conditioner acts as a moisturizer for your scalp during the cleansing process. As long as you rinse well you will avoid the limp lock look that you may have been previously trying to avoid by only conditioning your ends.

Pay Attention to Flakes

Dryness is a sign that your scalp needs attention. Hormonal fluctuations, stress, poor nutrition and improper cleansing all contribute to dandruff. The dryness may lend to scratching which causes inflammation on the scalp which will weaken the hair follicle and cause shedding. If you notice itchiness or flakes, use an anti-dandruff shampoo twice a week. These shampoos have an anti-fungal ingredient that keeps oil production in check since oil is what the dandruff causing fungus feeds on.


An exfoliator is a scrub with tiny granules or beads that loosen and slough off dead skin cells making way for healthy new growth. When done on a monthly basis you will get rid of product build up as well as all the grit that comes from washing your hair infrequently. Make your own by using a few drops of peppermint oil to promote blood flow, olive oil for moisture and ground up almonds or cornmeal to scrub. Gently massage your scalp for three minutes and rinse.

Make a habit of pampering your scalp to grow beautiful healthy hair and prevent hair loss. For further information and a free hair and scalp analysis call Images International today.

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