When you decide that your hair loss is troubling you enough to research solutions, it can be an overwhelming and daunting task. Here are five tips to make this process easier for you.

Hair loss is a natural occurrence of age, however premature hair loss can be very distressful and create anxiety. There are many contributing factors why men and women lose their hair, caused by heredity, medical, nutritional, or physiological reasons. Hair loss can be especially difficult because society associates hair with confidence and attractiveness.

Here are five tips on how to navigate the process of finding your best hair loss solution:

  1. Eliminate any medical problems. Consult your medical team to ensure that there are no underlying health issues. Ask if any of your medications are causing your hair loss.
  2. Consider Low-level Laser Light Therapy. Laser has gotten much attention in recent years with the FDA approval for some brands of laser to regrow hair for men and women. Images Hair Loss carries FDA approved lasers. Laser Therapy, in some cases, can actually stop hair loss and regrow new hair and has been successful in treating thinning hair. Images Hair Loss uses state of the art equipment to bring you cool laser light therapy. Trained to determine if you are a candidate for this treatment, we follow your progress using imaging technology to track your progress. While this type of solution takes time, we are along your side through the entire program. We offer support and routine follow ups and we truly believe we are working as a team to give you back your hair.
  3. Growing hair requires a healthy scalp. Images Hair Loss carries a unique line of products that treat the entire scalp, nourishes the skin, and creates a sustained release delivery system for all day therapy. Combining laser hair therapy and products increases the your opportunity for success.
  4. Laser therapy and products take time to succeed. Try a semi-permanent, non-surgical solution with our hair systems. We customize hair that blends into your very own. This undetectable hair system offers you a worry free solution with monthly maintenance that we offer in our studio. Being semi-permanent you have the freedom to explore new styles, colors and textures. Our highly trained technicians guide you from start to finish on wearing and caring for your hair system.
  5. Surgical Solutions. Hair transplant surgery is permanent. Understand what's involved and what happens if you continue to lose existing hair.

Which solution is best for you? Contact Images Hair Loss to set up a free consultation and let us give you your hair back.

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