Not all Wigs are the same

So you are thinking of getting a wig. You have several choices of places to go to get a wig, brick and mortar and virtual. However not all wigs are the same.

The four most important factors you should consider when purchasing a wig are:

The Fit. The proper fit means a more comfortable and natural looking wig which is of major importance. Having a hair care professional take your measurements ensure you have the proper cranial size when picking out your wig.

The Style. Choosing a style that is flattering to you, your personality, lifestyle, face and body shape. Knowing the reason you are looking for a wig is another key factor.

Human Hair or Synthetic. This is an important factor you need to consider when choosing your wig. Human Hair is of course more natural looking, but can be a bit more expensive and take a little more time in styling. Synthetic wigs cannot easily be restyled, so if you want to change it up a bit this would not be the best choice.

The Customization. For your wig to look like natural growing hair, it needs to be trimmed to properly frame your face. Hair may need to be thinned and slight adjustments in style to give you that customized, natural look. Unlike growing hair where a mistake can grow out, you only have one chance to trim the wig correctly. Invest with a professional that will create the WOW for you!

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