Dream Solutions for Advanced Hair Loss in Women

When you are a woman dealing with advanced hair loss it can be very upsetting. For women, thinning hair can feel like they are losing part of their identity and even their sexuality. Full, thick hair is synonymous with beauty and youth. When your hair loss has advanced to the point where your scalp is showing, or your hairline has receded and it is difficult to achieve any length there are solutions available for you to have the thick, beautiful hair.

While there is no cure for hair loss and once hair follicles have disappeared, there is no way to get them back, there are still ways to have full hair. Many people immediately think of a wig but there are many more options. Wigs have their place as a solution, they are wonderful for providing full coverage for complete hair loss. Wigs can also be a way to consistently change your hair style and have fun with colors and lengths. A wig is the go-to solution for medical hair loss, like from chemotherapy and radiation, because they do not require an adhesive and they can be relatively low maintenance for patients undergoing treatment. The drawback of a wig is that they can be hot and uncomfortable. Wigs can also be very expensive due to the amount of hair that is required to make them. Often a full wig isn’t necessary if you have some of your own biological hair on the sides and back or your head.

A popular option for adding volume and length is a hair topper. Hair toppers are like a top of the head hair extension. Size can vary but often most women just need a small piece that sits on top of their head. The hair is blended into your own natural hair seamlessly with movement and character. Toppers can be attached in a few ways. Traditionally they can be clipped on. With regular use, the clips may cause tension on your already fragile hair follicles and so to be sure you avoid damaging the follicle the clips should be rotated regularly.

Images International offers an innovative and safe way to wear a hair topper without using clips that may cause tension on your hair. Using a medical grade adhesive, the perimeter of the topper is bonded onto your own hair. This provides a firm hold for up to 4 weeks. The security this method provides will allow you to go swimming, go on rollercoasters, work out without worrying about the topper budging. Many of the women who use this method admit to forgetting they are wearing anything because it is comfortable. This method allows you to “get up and go,” something our clients often yearn for. They are used to spraying their hair in place, fixing it just right to cover thin areas. This method can be considerably low maintenance compared to clips as well because you wear it all the time rather than taking it off every night to sleep.

If volume at your ends is your challenge, then traditional hair extensions can be an effective way to go from stringy to full. Images International uses high quality Remy hair extensions that tape in. This application method is the safest way to wear hair extensions. They are carefully applied, soaked gently off during re-application and light on your hair follicles as to not cause tension.

If you’d like to hear more about these solutions, we’d love to educate you on how you can have your dream hair. Contact us for a free consultation to see these options up close as well as receive an expert opinion on the ideal solution for your specific hair loss.

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  • After researching other hair restoration places in the area I visited Images International for their free consultation. The salon is nice and clean, the staff seems friendly and kind. I received a lot of information regarding their services, they were very helpful with offering me solutions specific to my hair loss. I am very satisfied with their services and products so far and it is easier on my budget than the other local places I visited.
    Making appointments has proven to be simple and easy.

    -Patrick H

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