Latest Innovation – French Drawn Top

There is always innovation in the hair replacement industry. Images International prides itself on learning new techniques, offering the latest technology and improving quality on a consistent basis. One of the latest innovations in hair replacement is the French drawn top. Used in hair systems, toppers and wigs, this is a unique base construction designed to mimic the look of your scalp. You can finally have a part that is free of the look of knots, mesh or lace.

The construction consists of 3 layers. To start, knots are tied into Swiss lace; this is the middle layer. Then, the hair is drawn through a layer of glass silk so that the knots are hidden underneath this top layer. Lastly, a bottom layer of glass silk is added to protect the knots as well as provide a comfortable material against your head. The result is a remarkably natural part that looks as real as your own scalp.

french drawn top

In the past one of the biggest challenges with wearing hair was that it was difficult to have a part that looks natural. This latest innovation addresses that issue with very little drawback. Of course, every hair replacement solution has pros and cons. One must consider that the extra layers of material will add to the weight of the piece. Also, because it tends to be a thicker base, it does not always mold to the shape of your head like a thin skin system does. Additionally, because of the extra steps in the construction process the price for a French drawn top hair addition is higher than a typical hair addition.

So, while not for everyone, the French drawn top is a wonderful solution to consider if you are looking to achieve a natural part line. Images International has several examples to look at. During a free consultation you can feel the quality of hair, the weight of the different types of bases and have your questions answered by a hair loss specialist. To schedule a free consultation call, (248) 540-0900.

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