Working With Fine and Limp Hair

Does your hair ever look limp or feel greasy? It’s a common complaint and when you’re dealing with thin hair the problem can seem even more pronounced. If you’re wishing for more body and volume or you’d prefer not to wash your hair every single day, then you are in the right place.

Fine, limp hair is the most common issue that frustrates women with their tresses. There are several things we recommend that can help resolve this issue.

What is the Cause of Limp Hair?

It’s probable that if you have limp hair, you also have fine hair. Fine hair is when the diameter of your hair is thin. People who have a thinner diameter of hair have lots of hair, it’s just the hair itself is very fine. Because people that have fine hair have so many hair follicles there tends to be excess oil production on their scalp due to the abundance of oil producing hair follicles.

Each hair has its own oil gland and so even though you have more hairs you may lack body because the hair is weighed down. Using the wrong hair products can also cause limp hair. For example, applying conditioner to your roots will leave you with flat hair. If you’re concerned about limp hair be diligent about rinsing shampoos, conditioners and other products thoroughly out of your hair.

How You Can Add Volume, Body and Bounce

Volumizing Shampoo

You can use a volumizing shampoo to achieve the illusion of fuller hair. These shampoos coat the hair with proteins to give thickness and strength. Images International has a line of volumizing products that are free from silicones, parabens and sulfates. They work to improve the thickness and integrity of hair strands. If your fine hair is prone to static the volumizing product line addresses fly-aways as well.

Blow-Drying Upside Down

Add instant volume by flipping your head upside down while blow drying. The sooner you can get your hair pulled up and away from your scalp after you shower the more volume you can achieve. Shampoo and condition with volumizing products and when your hair is damp flip your head over and blow dry your hair as it hangs forward. Brush or gently comb your hair along with the blow-dryer concentrating on the roots. When your hair is dry, flip back over and finish styling.

Shampoo Often

Washing your hair daily or close to it can rid the scalp of oil and buildup that weighs down your roots. You will notice more bounce and shine. Hair accumulates grime, dirt and oil and it can weigh your hair down.

Get a Hair Cut

Shorter hair weighs less and a shorter style can give instant volume. If you are not ready to go shorter you can have our stylists add layers to your hair so that some sections are lighter and bouncier. Our stylists can help determine the best style for you. Layers can sometimes make your ends look sparse if you have fine hair. Working with our stylists on the right style for your hair type and facial shape is a great idea. Fine and thin hair often looks great with a blunt cut that way you do not have straggly looking ends.

Condition your hair the right way

Conditioner has oils that can weigh hair down and applying it directly to the scalp or the roots can hamper your efforts for a volume boost. Apply conditioner at the mid shaft to ends and let your own natural oils condition the top of your hair.

Rinse out ALL your shampoo

Just a little bit of shampoo left in your hair can make it look fine and limp. Make sure you thoroughly rinse out your shampoo and even if you think it is rinsed out, give it one more rinse just to be sure.

Be careful with products

Styling products, serums and oils can give your finished style luster and shape but applying these products too close to your roots can weigh your hair down. Ideally you can find a product where you achieve your desired results with just a small amount of application.

Add some Color or Texture

When you color, bleach or perm your hair the cuticle opens and the hair shaft swells which gives your hair more body and volume. Even a brighter color has the visual effect of lift. Chemicals can be drying and cause damage so always use a conditioner that seals the cuticle. You’ll want to add extra moisture and hydration if you chemically process it. You can find nourishing products designed to improve your hair at Images International if you have chemically damaged har.

If you’d like to consult with a stylist about your thin hair or even have a hair and scalp analysis to see if you have excess sebum that can be treated holistically with Images International’s Trichology line call (248) 540-0900 for an appointment.

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