What is Trichology

What is Trichology

Trichology is the study of the hair and scalp. Trichologists study problems of the hair and scalp and research the physiology of hair and skin to help patients holistically treat their hair loss.

Hair is our fastest growing tissue and due to that fact it is the first indicator of health problems in the body. By examining things like nutrition, lifestyle, hormones and the chemistry of the hair trichologists treat the hair from the inside out. A healthy scalp grows healthy hair and a healthy body creates a healthy scalp.

Trichologists are trained to recognize hair loss due to telogen effluvium, dandruff, traction alopecia, psoriasis, androgenetic hair loss, and alopecia areata. During a hair and scalp analysis, a free service offered at Images International, your scalp will be examined to establish if you have any of those conditions.

Beyond a hair and scalp analysis, you will be asked questions related to your health like if you’ve experienced thyroid problems or a hormonal imbalance. We’ll ask about your stress levels and your diet. Pregnancy, diabetes, medications, bacterial infections, fever, anemia, heat styling equipment and chemical damage may all contribute to hair loss. Thorough digging into relevant information like genetic history, your overall health state, diet, medications, and hair care habits will allow us to rule things out. We generate a diagnosis based on what we see and hear from you.

Once a diagnosis is made we will develop a treatment plan designed specifically for you. Our treatments include topical serums, low level laser light therapy, stimulating salon treatments, circulation therapy, nutritional guidance as well as stress management techniques.

If you are experiencing shedding, bald spots, dandruff, excessive oiliness, itching or burning or breakage after a chemical treatment then our trichology services are meant for you. Call (248) 540-0900 to set up an appointment for the free consultation that includes your hair and scalp analysis. To have healthy hair you must start with a healthy scalp. We will partner with you to achieve both.

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  • I've been a client of Images Internat"l for a little over 15 years and have seen significant growth, especially since the arrival of the new ownership team. The new offices are well done with rich dark hardwood tones giving a very impressive spa like appearance and feel. 'I'm a black client whose found his niche in the professionalism and attention to focused care for each client. I also appreciate the diversity in staff that meshes well with the diverse clientele. I've met the new owner who confided in me that she, herself, is a client (how about that)! I have on-going dialogue with the on-site manager who has lent a willing ear to my concerns and has been equally as compliant in addressing them by introducing the latest techniques and the issues of hair loss problems for both men and women. My hair design system is just fantastic. I am so comfortable with my hair system because it is undetectable, the hair curl fits me and is not a stock version for "black " clients, and because the feedback that I receive when out and about tells me that a great job has been done. From the receptionist's greeting received when entering Images to the care and attention given by the stylists, to the personal interaction with owner/management/staff, Images International is just the right place for me to be.

    -Taswell D

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