Why You Need a Hair and Scalp Analysis

Images International offers free consultations which include a hair and scalp analysis.  What is a hair and scalp analysis and why is it important?

A hair and scalp analysis allow us to see the state of your scalp up close.  We used a magnified scope to assess the condition of your skin, the density of your hair and view your hair follicles.  Our findings help us guide you to a solution specific for you. 

Hair Loss Status

Men and Women have different hair loss patterns.  We use a guide to determine which class closely matches your pattern of hair loss.  For men, the Norwood-Hamilton Scale is used. Picture1.png

Women use the Ludwig scale to classify their stage of hair loss.


Scalp Status

Our camera is ready for a close up.  We will focus the scope onto your scalp to determine the status of your scalp.  We are looking for signs of dryness like scales or flakes.  A shiny or muddy appearance indicates excess oil production.  Determining the natural state of your scalp is crucial to determining the best treatment protocol and so we recommend not washing your hair at least 24 hours before your appointment.


Hair Density

We will use our scope to take a close-up picture of one centimeter of your scalp.  We will count the hair follicles you have in that given area and determine if you have an average amount or below average amount.  You are only able to grow hair if you have hair follicles present.  It is best to begin treatments before you lose your hair follicles because once they are gone, there is no way to get them back.  Nourishing your hair follicles with antioxidants and nutrients and keeping your scalp clear of residue is the best way to maintain your hair follicles.


Keratin of the Scalp

Our camera uses a blue-hued light to detect the presence of keratin on the scalp.  This build up and residue can be damaging to your hair growth and it must be removed regularly.  The buildup forms a plug in your hair follicle and it can even flake like dandruff.


Exposure of the Scalp’s Vessel

We will examine your scalp for inflammation or sensitivity.  If you have capillaries exposed and your scalp is itchy or inflamed, you must address it in order to grow healthy hair.  There can be several explanations for inflammation, from auto-immune disorders to allergies to hair folliculitis.  Inflammation and hair loss are very closely linked but luckily there are actions you can take to minimize or correct your scalp inflammation.


Hair Thickness

We will take a picture of a strand of your hair measure its diameter.  We will determine if your hair is a normal thickness.  Hair that registers thinner than average may indicate that miniaturization is happening.  Hair miniaturization is shrinking of the hair strand and eventually the hair follicle.  This can be permanent if it is not handled in its early stages.  Your hair may be gradually growing thinner and thinner due to genetics, stress, nutritional deficiencies, hormones imbalances or aging.  Addressing miniaturization while the follicle is still attached to it’s stem cell sources is critical otherwise the follicle will eventually stop growing hair all together. 


Hair Pore Status

Ideally your hair pore will be an open crater free of oil and debris.  Excessive oil, keratin buildup or residue clogging your pores should be removed.Picture8.png

Images International has a passion for helping you love what you see in the mirror.  We know you must have a clean, balanced scalp to grow healthy hair.  Call us at (248) 540-0900 to make an appointment for your hair and scalp analysis and we will educate you on what you can do to ensure you have the optimal environment for healthy hair growth.

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  • I have been coming in for laser hair treatment for about 6 months now & I am already seeing improvements in the health of my hair. I have gotten compliments recently about the fullness, texture & shine of my hair. My hairdresser also told me that my hair looks & feels so much better than before I started the laser hair treatments. I am doing the more natural & organic approach so the results are slower but I still see new hair growth. I really look forward to seeing my results because they show you all these details about the hair that I never knew before & show you how far you've come. The laser hair treatment is for a dedicated person because you have to come in two times a week for the improvements to start happening. I currently have hair extensions but hope that at the end of the laser treatments I will be able to take them out & be comfortable with my own natural hair. The staff is also so welcoming & understanding of the situations because hair loss is a sensitive topic. I really enjoy talking with the staff about any questions I have & can't wait to see them every time I come in.


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