Hair Loss in Women

Experiencing hair loss as a woman is extremely common.  Women may experience hair loss or they may experience hair thinning and in some cases they experience both.  This can be caused by a number of factors.  For women, hormones can play a role, thyroid hormones as well as fluctuations due to menopause contribute.  Nutritional deficiencies can be a culprit as well as poor overall health.  Stress, genetics, behavior and chemotherapy have all been linked to hair loss.  Figuring out what is causing your hair loss is the first step in solving the problem.

We recommend making an appointment for a completely free consultation at Images International.  During this consultation you will discuss your lifestyle, your medical history and other factors that we know can cause hair loss.  While we always recommend seeing a medical doctor for blood work to help pin point the cause of hair loss, we use those results along with the thorough information we gather during our time together to find out how we will help you.  We will examine the hair and scalp through a scope to see the condition of the skin and hair follicle.  We measure the diameter of your hair, the density of your hair and the visibility of blood vessels.  We document our results, so we can track your progress over time. 

We will make a recommendation based on our findings.  While there is no cure for hair loss, there is always a reason it is happening.   We do our best to remedy the cause if we can. 

Hair Loss vs Thinning Hair

While some women experience hair fall, as in hair coming out at a more than normal rate, others experience thinning hair.  Thinning hair is when the diameter of the hair reduces over time.  How do you know which one is happening to you?  Hair thinning occurs over time whereas hair shedding can occur more rapidly and you’ll notice volume reduction during a shorter period of time. 

Stress or trauma can be a trigger of excessive hair loss.  The stress can be due to emotional reasons as well as diet or illness. For example, low iron or anemia is a very common cause of hair loss due to nutritional deficiencies and illness.  Genetics are usually the cause of hair thinning.  Basically your hair follicles have a predisposition to be sensitive to hormones and age..

What to Do

With so many reasons women experience hair loss and thinning hair we work hard at getting to the bottom of everyone’s situation.  Once we have our path based on our extensive consultation we will develop a treatment program.   The treatment program holistically treats the hair and scalp with the objective of healthy hair growth. 

The regime targets residue on the scalp that can clog hair follicles inhibiting healthy hair growth.  The products strengthen the hair shaft to reduce breakage.  You will be nourishing the hair follicle with natural plant extracts, proteins and moisture so the diameter of the hair thickens over time.  Our clients have noticed outstanding results in the health of their scalp and volume of their hair. 

The 3 Step Program includes the following:

Residue on Scalp Treatment

A crucial first step in the treatment process.  Before we are able to nourish the scalp we must cleanse it of bacteria, fungus, parasites and product residue.  During this luxurious treatment, your scalp will be stimulated by massage, deeply cleansed with a bactericidal soak.  The pH of your scalp will be corrected.  A heat treatment will open your follicles and we’ll prepare for the next part of the process. 

Home Care

You’ll be sent home with a full regime of products designed to keep the scalp in perfect condition while nourishing your hair. The products sooth and protect the hair and scalp from environmental and internal offenses.  We also recommend purchasing an at-home Low Level Laser device.  The combination of the products and the laser has worked best for our clients and we see much more dramatic results with the combination of topical hair treatments and laser therapy. 

In Salon Treatments

Once you’ve used the home care products for thirty days you will visit the salon for intensive treatments.  The products we use at the salon are for professional use only and that is because they have significantly higher active ingredients.  The serums we use to address your scalp are concentrated and will give your scalp an intensive dose of nutrients. The treatments are designed to stimulate and block the hormonal conversion of 5 alpha reductase into DHT which damages our follicles. 

We’d love the opportunity to educate you further about this exciting way to combat thinning hair and hair loss.  If you’d like to schedule your free consultation call us at (248) 540-0900.


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