5 Reasons to Attend Images International's Women's Hair Loss Seminar

On October 3, 2017 Images International is hosting seminar for women experiencing hair loss. This free seminar is full of information about new innovations in corrective solutions. We welcome you to join us! Here are five reasons why we are so excited to have you attend:

1. We have a hair loss solution for everyone.

Whether you are in the beginning stages of hair loss or if you have advanced hair loss we will meet with each and every guest and determine which solution is right for you. Perhaps you are seeing more hair shed in your brush or in your shower drain and you're concerned. Maybe you are seeing too much scalp or your hair line has receded. We have a way for you to love your hair again. The seminar is completely free, you have nothing to lose!

2. You'll receive a deep discount.

Hair loss solutions rarely go on sale and if you attend the seminar you will get deep discounts on the solution that is right for you. Due to high demand prices are not often marked down. This truly is a unique situation where we are able to offer reduced prices for our top of the line products and services. You won't want to miss out on purchasing your solution at such a reduced cost.

3. You'll feel the support of other women experiencing the emotional trauma of hair loss.

The Women's Hair Loss Seminar is truly the most amazing experience our company has shared in the last 25 years. The night is about joining other women, telling your stories, feeling the support of others and deciding you are tired of dealing with your hair loss. You will share the room with women who understand the emotional toll of watching their hair thin. You will feel comfort in the supportive atmosphere and you'll realize you are not alone. Those who aren't experiencing hair loss will never understand how you feel less feminine, worried about how far it will go, or how it takes forever to style your hair in a way that covers your thinness. You may never see each other again, but for one evening you will listen and empathize, care and feel empowered over the strength and resilience of women like yourself ready to address their hair loss.

4. You will learn something.

Trained in Trichology, the science of hair and scalp, the staff of Images International is full of important information to help you get to the bottom of your hair loss. While there is no cure for hair loss occasionally, in women especially, hair loss has a cause. We'll be a resource for you to start uncovering clues and we'll help guide you to address it if possible. We will develop a relationship with you so we can track your progress or give you your ideal style. The caring, highly trained staff at Images will educate you all the way through your journey so you are equipped with the knowledge to grow your best hair.

5. You'll receive a free hair and scalp analysis.

Who doesn't like free stuff? Knowledge is power and when you receive the results of your hair and scalp analysis you'll have a realistic idea of how Images International can give you your hair back. We'll take a look at your hair follicles to see if they need a boost from our treatments which will increase volume and hair health. Perhaps we'll find you are a candidate for some of our more advanced hair loss solutions. You won't know unless you come!

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