5 Reasons Your Hair is Falling Out

If you’re noticing more hair in your brush or hair clogging your shower drain you are not alone. Almost everyone will experience thinning hair or hair loss at some point in their lives. Some amount of hair loss is nothing to be alarmed about, it is normal to lose up to 150 strands per day. If you are noticing more hair fall than that there could be many reasons to blame.

First, a bit about hair growth…

  • A strand of hair grows for many years, up to ten! Once the growth cycle is finished the hair rests for a few months before it detaches from its blood supply and releases itself. When the hair is shed the process begins again. A new hair grows from the hair follicle.
  • All your hair strands are not in the same place in the cycle at the same time. If this were the case everyone would go bald every few years.
  • Changes occur to our hair growth as we age. As we get older our strands grow in thinner which can affect the look of overall hair volume.

When Hair Loss Occurs…

Over time, our hair follicles become damaged by certain factors and they die. Once the hair follicle disappears there is no way to get it back and grow hair from it again. For this reason, preserving the health of your scalp is our priority at Images International.

If you notice your scalp showing more than you’re used to or your part widening you could have a problem. Here are some common issues that lead to hair loss.

  1. Stress
    We may notice hair loss after a serious illness, surgery or traumatic event. It is believed that the body is shocked into the telogen, or release, stage of hair loss. Stress induced hair loss may be caused by a strict diet causing deficiencies in B vitamins and protein which are crucial for healthy hair growth. If you are experiencing a high degree of stress we recommend exercising, yoga and meditation to help you cope. Images International offers relaxing hair treatments with scalp massage to help restore healthy hair growth as you enjoy the calm private atmosphere at our salon.
  2. Autoimmune Disorders
    There are a few autoimmune disorders that cause hair loss. Psoriasis causes scaly plaques to form which inhibit hair growth. Alopecia areata is a condition where the immune system attacks hair follicles causing round patches of hair loss throughout the scalp. Lupus and thyroid disorders are also heavily linked to hair loss. If you are showing other symptoms of the above mentioned medical conditions it is important to share your concerns with your doctor. Blood tests and skin biopsies can help confirm or rule out these illnesses.
  3. Genetics
    Very commonly men and women are both likely to have some form the genetic hair loss. Androgenetic alopecia can be seen as early as young adulthood for men and often during menopause in women. Images International has FDA approved methods to prevent hair loss and regrow hair. We offer topical treatments that block the hormonal reasons responsible for triggering the genetic hair loss. With early and consistent use you can keep your hair longer.
  4. Medication
    There are several families of medications that have hair loss listed as a side effect. These medications include antidepressants, blood pressure medications, hormonal birth control and acne medications. If you think your medication is leading to your hair loss ask your doctor if there are any alternatives.
  5. Too Tight Hair Styles
    Tying your hair back in a ponytail or a “man-bun” can cause stress on your hair follicle. This pulling can lead to permanent damage to the follicle. If you are noticing hair loss from a tight style use looser methods of securing your hair. If the behavior is stopped early enough the hair loss is reversible.

If you are alarmed about the amount of hair you are losing speak with your doctor so he or she can run some tests. Once you’ve covered that step, make an appointment with Images International so we can start you on our Hair Renewal Program. Quick action gives us the best results. We will address any imbalances present on your scalp and we will nourish and stimulate your hair follicles so they grow healthy thick hairs. Call (248) 540-0900 for a free consultation.

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