Say No To Silicones

The hair product market is always trying to deliver men and women the appearance of healthy hair. There are many options to choose from, volumizing, frizz fighting, shine enhancing, deep conditioning. We associate thickness and sheen with hair health, the problem is most of the products used to achieve this look use silicones. Silicones come in various forms and they provide immediate gratification, shiny hair. What could be wrong with that?

Silicones are not water soluble and so they are difficult to wash out and over time they cause build up on the hair shaft and around the hair follicle. The buildup on the hair seals out moisture and so conditioning efforts are unable to penetrate the hair. While your hair may look smooth at first, eventually it will become dry, flat or frizzy.

When silicones build up on the scalp, around the hair follicle, it can cause damage to the hair follicle. First, hair needs oxygen for healthy growth and a clogged hair follicle will not grow a healthy hair. In addition to oxygen, new healthy hairs need space. Silicones built up around the hair follicle hold old hair in place rather than releasing them. When an old hair is not released there is no room for a new hair to grow in. It is squeezed out and if it does manage to squeeze through it is a fine, thin hair. Eventually this constant damage to the hair follicle may lead to hair loss. A damaged hair follicle can eventually die or disappear. Once this happens there is no way to get it back and without a hair follicle no hair will grow. There are steps you can take to prevent this damage from occurring. As we say at Images, “if there is hair there is hope!”

It is important to use products that are healthy for the hair and scalp. Images International offers a full line of plant derived hair products free of silicones and harsh detergents like sulfates. Our products are specifically designed to cleanse the scalp of damaging factors like product buildup, and even bacteria, parasites, and fungus which reside on most scalps in the form of dandruff. Treating your scalp, nourishing your hair follicles will promote healthy hair growth.

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If you’re not sure if your products contain silicones check the ingredients list and beware of words ending in ‘cone or ‘xane, for instance, “dimethicone” or “cyclopentasiloxane”. If your hair is damaged from using silicone hair products schedule a Residue on Scalp Treatment at Images International. Let us lift off the buildup, balance your scalp’s pH, rid your scalp of dead skin cells, bacteria and fungus that can damage the hair follicle. Preventing hair loss is easier than re-growing hair. The earlier you start paying attention to your scalp health the better results you will notice over time. You will no longer need to mask your dry frizzy hair with silicone based styling products, we will partner with you so you can have naturally thick, healthy shiny hair. If your genetic makeup predisposes you to hair loss, you can even hold it off with the proper scalp care regime.

Call us at (248) 540-0900 to hear more about these wonderful products and services.

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