Protecting Your Hair From the Sun

 Many lifestyle habits affect your hair from your diet to your hobbies. Spending time outside in the sun is one of those things that will have an affect on your mane. During the summer months we enjoy the outdoors, we soak up the sun and feel the warmth we long for during the long winter months. All of that sun exposure can cause damage to our hair and our scalp if we do not take steps to protect it.

If you've ever noticed your hair lightens in the summertime or you enjoy some honey blonde highlights due to sunny days at the pool you may be surprised to find out this is actually damage to your strands. In fact, the sun's lightening of your hair is just as damaging as applying bleach to lighten your hair. In addition to the color change, the sun also changes the hair's protein structure by weakening it and it out which can lead to breakage.

Beyond the sun, the heat, the chlorine, and the salt that you may be exposed to is also causing damage by drying out your hair and scalp.

To protect your hair from the damage caused by the sun apply a sunscreen. Images International offers Jorgen's Protein Conditioner which contains SPF. Concentrate the product on your ends where the hair is more porous and damaged.

Try a conditioning mask to protect your hair from salt and chlorine, preferably one with SPF. This will not only protect your strands from damage, it will also protect your scalp from the skin cancer causing UV rays of the sun.

Once you've finished your day in the sun it is important to moisturize your hair using a deep conditioning treatment. Images offers the Black 15in1 treatment line for your best conditioned hair.

Sun, wind and water can dry out your hair to the point of breakage so be gentle when you brush. Use a wide tooth comb to detangle and don't brush too often so you avoid split ends.

Warm weather can cause excess sweating which can clog your pores so it is important to shampoo and condition your hair regularly during the summer.

Images International offers treatment programs based on your hair's needs. Try our protein shot treatment to mend the hair structure from the inside out or try the moisture treatment for supple shiny hair.

Lastly, stay hydrated and eat a balanced diet. Your hair needs protein and nutrients to maintain its health. Eat lean proteins and plenty of fruits and vegetables along with drinking plenty of water.

For more information about protecting your hair from summer damage stop in for a free consultation at Images International, call us at (248) 540-0900 to set up your appointment.

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